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Healthy Meals For Children

Creating meals for children can be a task. Knowing what your child likes to eat and being able to offer them healthy meals based on their preferences can be difficult at times. Likewise, making sure that your child has healthy nutritious meals and snacks each day can be very easy to do if you are willing to be creative with your child’s meals and offer them a variety of healthy options at meal or snack time.  

One of the biggest difficulties for a parent is making sure that their children have healthy snacking options. In a world where salty chips, greasy French fries and sweet pastries are supreme it can be pretty hard to convince you child that healthy fruits and vegetables are better as snacking options. There are a number of healthy snack options that are sure to please your child. Slicing veggies such as carrots and celery and dipping them in peanut butter is a nice snack. Fresh fruit is always a great option. Keeping a little snack bag with apple slices, orange sections or bunches of grapes readily available for your child is advisable. If possible place fruit and veggies in small containers on your kitchen table for your child to eat whenever he or she wants to. Introducing your child to healthy snacking options at an early age will ensure that they understand that fruits and veggies are good and delicious to eat.  

Making sure that your children eat balanced meals everyday is important. Children need a significant amount of vitamins and minerals during their younger years because they have growing bodies that demand nourishment. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day because it provides a significant amount of energy to begin one’s day. This is especially true for school aged children. Make sure your child has a decent breakfast that includes some form of whole grain and protein source. Lunch can be difficult to monitor if you have school aged children. Many schools are trying to provide healthier school lunch options for students. If you are concerned about the quality of school lunch at your child’s school you can always pack you child’s lunch. When children arrive home from school make sure there are healthy snacking options in your fridge as children usually need a snack to hold them over until dinner. Dinner should be well balanced and the portions size appropriate. Dinner should include a lean protein source, vegetables and a whole grain if possible.  

In providing healthy snacks and meals it is important to remember that children will be children and letting them have the occasional sweet treat is okay. The saying everything in moderation definitely applies to letting your children indulge in goodies. If you are someplace like an amusement park obviously you child will want the traditional amusement park fair such as cotton candy, hot dogs and sodas. As a parent you must monitor what you child consumes and how much he or she consumes. An ice cream cone once in a while won’t cause obesity. Practicing moderation and making the consumption of healthy foods a priority will provide your child with a healthy foundation.  

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Garden Route Weather

When planning your annual holiday, the one thing that everyone hopes for is good weather. Lazing on the beach, the sun shining and a refreshing cool breeze is guaranteed to get you in the holiday spirit. So whether it’s a trip of a lifetime to the Mediterranean or a quick weekend away in London, knowing the weather forecast can make all the difference to your holiday.

When you’re planning a trip away to the Garden Route in Africa, it’s a good idea to check out the potential weather before you book. Not only will this help you to decide where and when to go, it can also help you plan what essentials you will need to pack for the trip. Knowing the weather in advance is crucial when deciding what clothes to pack, as there really is no point in stuffing your suitcase with bikinis if you are due to arrive at your destination in the middle of a rain storm. From suntan lotion to rain coats, packing the right items can make all the difference to your Garden Route holiday, not to mention your luggage allowance.

Knowing the weather forecast can also help you plan your activities while you’re in Africa so you don’t spend precious holiday days stuck indoors with nothing to do. The Garden Route’s weather can be temperamental and with the winds from the Indian Ocean bringing in heavy rainfall it’s always a good plan to factor in a few rainy day activities. Always check out what indoor activities there are in and around the Garden Route and don’t forget to arrange a backup plan just in case you get stuck in a rainstorm.

If you’re travelling to the Garden Route with children or an elderly parent, knowing what weather to expect is vitally important.
Very high temperatures, which are common in Africa, can often affect the elderly and the very young so before you book a family holiday make sure the weather will suit everyone.

Holidays in the Garden Route are often cheaper if they are booked out of season. While this may seem like a good deal at first, if you end up in the middle of a monsoon you’ll soon wish you’d paid the extra. Before booking a trip to the area always check out the seasonal forecast and look online for specific weather information so you can be sure you are getting the best deal possible.

Knowing the garden route weathercan make a huge difference to your holiday, so whether its sunbathing in glorious sunshine or snuggled up by the fire in the middle of the rainy season, always make sure you know what you’re getting into before you book.

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