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Common Back Stiffness Myths

Back pain is maybe the commonest health problem ever. Actually thousands of people suffer with back pain each year in America alone. But, regardless of the problem being so common, not that many people know the facts about back pain. A few back pain sufferers foster various fables that deter successful treatment. Let us take a look at some of the commonest legends regarding this common health problem.

It is a big myth amongst sufferers of back trouble that they must remain in bed and take rest. Though, it is just a myth. Rest can become necessary in case back trouble emerges due to an acute injury. However, immobility isn’t at all suggested for back stiffness sufferers. Sufferers should remain indulged in some form of activity. This would supply a support to their back and pep-up the healing process.

Back pain is untreatable. It is one more nervousness related to the back trouble. Back trouble can be a difficult issue to cope with, nonetheless it is certainly curable. The challenge applying to this health concern lies in understanding the right cure. The solution for back pain varies from person to person and cause of the problem. In case, you’re going through a mild discomfort, go for natural cures such as reflexology and chiropractic treatment. Nevertheless, to fight with bad cases of sciatica or any other back stiffness, find help of a medical specialist.

Another popular parable that many back stiffness sufferers foster is they would need to give up their fave activities such as hiking or gardening. This again is not true. Of course, it is very important to listen to your body when you’re suffering from back trouble. But, this does not mean that you have to give up all of the activities that you like. There are several core conditioning exercises for sciatica that will help you return to your normal course of activities.

It’s a common perception that surgery is the best answer for back pain. However, surgery might not be suggested in each case. Surgery for sciatica and different kinds of back trouble might be essential in some cases but it is frequently taken as a last resort to the issue. In fact, many people do not require surgery at all. They can get shot of the issue with some help from some changes in lifestyle and use of pain relief medicines alone.

Therefore, it’s required to understand the details of the difficulty before turning to therapy system. Having less or insubstantial data about something can land you in bigger trouble. This goes for back pain too. You can fight back stiffness if you know it in and out. Get the misconceptions out of your consciousness and be positive to discover a solution that would work best for you personally.

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Home Treatment for Cystitis

If you are suffering from the terrible pain caused by this condition, you may be wondering what options you have in respect of home treatment for cystitis. Indeed, there is much you can do yourself rather than resorting to antibiotics which are rarely the best choice.

In general, your best approach is to use a multifaceted approach which uses a number of steps together which can help both to give you symptomatic relief from the burning pain and to eradicate the source of the infection itself.

Before beginning using home treatment for cystitis, take a couple of minutes to assess your symptoms. If any of the symptoms below apply, then you should seek a doctor’s opinion as you could have a kidney infection which, if left untreated, could potentially cause damage.

* Severe back pain or pain in the abdomen
* Pain just below the ribs
* Nausea accompanied by a fever
* Blood in the urine

Providing you do not have any of the above symptoms, then you can try home treatment for cystitis. The following tips should help:-

* Drink at least 2 liters of water daily. Not only will this help to flush out bacteria, but it will also ensure that there is some urine to pass, rather than experiencing that excruciating, empty pain
* Drink a couple of glasses of unsweetened cranberry juice whilst the infection persists. This can help to prevent bacteria adhering to the bladder walls
* Wear cotton panties rather than restrictive clothing which can trap bacteria, making the problem worse
* Do not eat sugary foods, as sugar can feed bacterial growth
* Avoid drinking caffeinated drinks and alcohol
* Avoid using perfumed products around the vaginal area as these can upset the delicate balance
* Urinate whenever you feel the need to-even if it might be painful
* Use a heat pad on your abdomen to relieve the pain somewhat

If your infection has not lasted for more than a few hours, then home treatment for cystitis may be all you need. However, if you have had pain and discomfort for more than a day or two, you may wish to consider a completely guaranteed, speedy method to eliminate your pain and infection.

If you visit my site, you might like to take a look at the symptom checker which will alert you if you need to visit a doctor. In addition, there is further helpful information on how to stop the pain from a UTI in just a few minutes, and you will be completely pain-free the following day.

Please visit Home UTI Remedies to see the best home treatment for cystitis.

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As a long term sufferer of urinary tract infections, Rebecca had taken numerous courses of antibiotics-none of which seemed to shift the infection. She finally found a way to naturally manage the condition and is now completely free of UTI’s.

Pain Management for Back Pain

Back pain is a debilitating medical condition which is experienced by almost everyone at least once in a lifetime. With the coming of modern pain management, it is now possible for specialists to address acute and chronic back pain more effectively than ever before. The pain relieving modalities and techniques in use today at popular healthcare facilities have helped patients feel better by alleviating the intensity of pain in a relatively short time.

Effective Pain Management Techniques

There may be many reasons for back pain which may range from mild to severe. Some of these may be damage or injuries to the spine, discs, tendons, ligaments and nerves, or lumbar and muscle strain. Certain ailments are also known to trigger pain such as spinal stenosis, lumbar spinal arthritis, spondylolisthesis or osteoporosis. The sensory component of pain is treated by specialists in the field who are known as pain management specialists.

Pain management specialists comprise physiotherapists, chiropractors, clinical psychologists and others. They work in unison to identify and understand the underlying cause of the back pain. The specialists evaluate the patient’s condition accurately before finalizing an individualized treatment plan. This may constitute the following:

• NSAIDs – medications to minimize excruciating back pain
• TENS – mild electrical nerve stimulation to calm nerves that induce pain
• Heat/Cold Application – provides relief from back pain and stiffness
• Massage – hands on approach eases the stress on the pain affected region
• Therapeutic Exercises – helps strengthen the back and improve functionality
• Ultrasound – relieves back pain and speeds up the healing process
• Injections (trigger point, epidural steroid and facet joint injections) – administered to bring pain under immediate control

Apart from these pharmacologic and non-pharmacologic procedures, patients can expect counseling sessions on how to prevent back pain from recurring and various ways to lead a healthy lifestyle. They also help those who suffer from anxiety and depression caused by intense pain.

Keep Pain under Constant Control

Proper pain management techniques can help patients keep back pain under constant control. However, to ensure considerable relief it is best to consult a physician when pain sets-in the early stages so that it doesn’t persist and worsen in the coming days. The treatment and techniques practiced in popular healthcare facilities are safe and quite effective.

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NYC Pain Management – With HealthQuest’s chronic pain management services in Brooklyn, you can now receive effective treatment for pain management.

What Causes Back Pain?

What causes back pain?

There is an ongoing discussion, even among doctors about what actually causes back pain. When it comes to injuries that could be identified, a little more could be said. The reason why it’s so difficult to find the cause is why, most back problems are a result of a combination of factors. Some factors are not preventable a all, such as genes and family history. You can control other factors, such as weight control, keeping fit and flexible. This however might force you to change your way of living. We must also look for factors related to your work situation. It is important to be able to identify what causes pain and even serious injuries in your back.

Here are some normal causes and situations associated with increased risk of back pain and injury:

* Repetition. Repetition is the number of times you perform a certain movement. These movements will over time become static. Repetitious tasks can lead to muscle fatigue, pain or injury. Standing, sitting, writing – all positions could put you at risk. Man of us spend most of your time in front of a computer, you may experience occasional aches and pains from sitting still for extended periods. Now, and this is important; Our bodies are not design to put up with a static position for more than twenty minutes at the time.

* Stress. Social and mental pressures at work or at home contributes to increase your stress level and lead to muscle pain, tension and tightness, which may lead to back pain – for most of us it will!

* Force. Exerting too much force on your back may cause injury. In a physical, demanding job, you might face pain and injury if you frequently lift or move heavy objects. This could happened over time even if you are lifting correctly. This is because the movements are repeated. Again: Static movements leads to pain.

Some tips to avoid back pain and injuries

The first and most obvious steps you can take, is of course to keep in shape, so the muscles are prepared for all the pressure it encounters.

Fit for pain

You do need to exercise. Regular activity is your best bet in maintaining a healthy back. You can do strengthening and stretching exercises targeted directly to your back muscles, strong and flexible muscles will help keep your back ready for what comes.

Right posture against pain

A poor posture stresses your back. Such posture can lead to muscle pain and injuries you don’t want. On the other hand, a good posture relaxes your muscles and requires minimal effort to balance your body, so why do we carry on the bad habit of poor postures? Maybe for the same reason that we don’t smile more even though we know that a smile takes less effort and muscle activity than an angry/depressed face. To do something about it, you really have to think different.

* Sitting right to avoid pain. Here, we have to start with what you are sitting on. The chair. A good chair promotes comfort and good posture while sitting. First of all, make sure that the chair supports your back. You also need to adjust it, so the the soles of your feet touches the ground. If the chair doesn’t support the curve in your lower back, you can easily adjust this by putting a pillow, towel etc in your lower back region.

A few things to remember to avoid back pain in daily life

* Put your self out of hazards. It sounds obvious, but think of a fall. A fall can seriously injure your back for life, and give u intolerable pain for the rest of your life. It doesn’t have to be that dramatic, to give you life long pain. Again; everything static can cause pain and injury. Think twice before wearing high heels. Low-heeled shoes with nonslip soles are a better bet. Of course, independent of age; remove all objects than you can trip and fall on. Both at home and at work, there are plenty of cables and other stuff that can hurt you.

* Why not hear what your body have to tell? If you must sit or stand for longer periods, change your position as often as you possible can. You need to take at least a 30-second timeout every 15 minutes or so to stretch, move and relax. You can try to stand up when you answer the phone. If you are talking in a mobile or wireless phone, it’s a perfect chance to stretch a little, change positions a best off all, walk a little around. If your back hurts, you must of course stop those movements that aggravates it. You do this to prevent pain, not to aggravate pain.

* Walking against pain. Well, walking, besides of swimming might be the best remedy to prevent back pain. Walking regularly can help you maintain your coordination and balance. You don’t have to spend ours walking to see results. Only 20 minutes easy walking a day, has shown to be working against back pain. If you live in a city, try to walk in a park with varying terrain, the best you can do is to seek out for the forests. This terrain is much better for you to prevent pain than the city asphalt.

7 Cures For Chronic Back Pain

Do you work in an office? Do you drive for a living? Do you have a sedentary lifestyle?

No matter how much you workout in a gym or attend classes do you still have those niggling back pains that keep you from achieving your goals and frequently visiting your therapist?

Approximately 75% of the population suffer with chronic back problems or have had back pain in their lifetime!

Below are 7 simple ways to tackle back pain and rid yourself of those constant niggles forever!

1. Assess your ankle mobility – by putting your toe against the wall and without lifting your heel of the ground push your knee against the wall. If the back of the lower leg feels tight then work on stretching out that muscle. A mobility issue will be highlighted by an inability to move the ankle forwards. You can increase mobility using this simple wall exercise and with improvement you should be able to take your foot further away from the wall and still get your knee to touch without lifting the heel.

2. Hip Alignment – this happens because of improper or asymmetrical movement. If you have a flat back (often due to high heels) it could mean, in basic terms, that you have tight hamstrings pulling your hips downward causing your back to flatten too much, in this case work on flexibility of the hamstrings.

3. Tight Hip Flexors – from sitting for too many hours you could have tight hip flexors on the front of your hip which could pull your hips down at the front causing excessive curvature of the lower spine (hyperlordosis) again work on stretching of the hip flexors and quads and strengthen the muscles at the back of leg (hamstrings).

4. Activate those Glutes – don’t worry about having a bum (butt), strong glutes form the basis of good hip movement and help the spine do the job it’s meant to do. Work on exercises like bridging, squats, lunges and deadlifts etc!

5. Postural Awareness – especially those who have office jobs or drive long distances. Subtle prompts can help to stop slouching like off setting the inside mirror of the car which encourages you to sit up straight to view the rear properly. Setting up ergonomics at your office workstation to use both sides equally and view your monitor without slouching.

6. Stabilize the Spine – Practice core strength exercises that focus on stabilizing the spine e.g keeping the spine still whilst moving your extremities, like the deadbug exercise and the plank, you could challenge yourself by setting the clock to see how long you can do the plank for and work on improving your time!

7. Stay well Hydrated – water along side a good nutritional plan can surprisingly help. Being dehydrated takes water away from the spine to use in other areas of the body. Aim for around 2 litres per day.

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Greg is a leading Personal Trainer for GB Personal Training in London, UK. http://www.gbpersonaltraining.com

Can Back Pain Be Cured?

If you are a long time chronic back pain sufferer, it is highly unlikely you believe your pain can be stopped. If you don’t believe in the possibility of a permanent cure for your back pain, you will never find it.

Can back pain be cured? I and many others have proven that back pain can be stopped. Even the long term chronic version that I suffered from for nearly twenty years.

I can also vouch for how easy it is. In fact, many people fail because they do too much rather than not enough. And there are a lot of exercises recommended by those only trying to help that are counterproductive to getting your back straight and pain free.

While you can reduce your pain significantly just by doing a simple extension and flexing exercise program, you must be careful not to overdo the stretches. You should also allow your body time to rest between treatments. Too much rest is better than too little, though both will prevent you from becoming totally pain free.

You can also greatly reduce your time to pain freedom by adding mild inversion. You should invert for about five to ten minutes, immediately after doing your exercises.

But, no matter what kind of treatment you are doing, it requires two things to succeed that do not come with the program.

First, you must believe that your back pain can be cured. Like I said before, if you don’t believe it can be done you cannot do it. Every man and women that has stopped their own pain has started with the belief it could be done. Otherwise, they either would not have started or failed.

Secondly, you have to commit yourself totally to what you are doing. Whatever treatment you are doing, you must live it. If it says do it twice a day, then do it twice a day. And you must do it with the knowledge that it represents one step closer to freedom from back pain.

Yes, back pain can be cured. But its up to you to find a treatment you can believe in and commit to. Once you are able to do that, the cure is not far off.

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Let me show you some options that I recommend

Back Pain and Passion Part 2

Try to turn it around, how about you giving yourself the right or permission to be right rather than wrong. Could you be optimistic rather than pessimistic? Do you see the glass half empty or half full?

Think of being hopeful, rather than fearful. Any negative emotion turn it around to a positive one. If you are upset with your partner or someone close to you ask yourself, “Who am I upset with?”

Remember, when we are down the world seems down and our passion for life is at a low and sends us down a path of not just feeling low but becoming low physically. Posture goes, neck and shoulder tension starts which leads to back pain. When you give yourself compassion you also ignite the passion in your life.

When you have back pain or neck and shoulder pain it can be difficult to stay positive, of course the more severe the pain the less motivated we can be to help put it right. It just all seems too much. This is where our passion has been lost and we need to find it again. We need to have that ‘feel good factor’ again and start by doing something like you like doing, stimulating the senses. Of course keeping the balance in order, we wouldn’t eat a box of chocolates just to feel good because we know the consequences of that.

We want to feel good to enable us to make the next step to keeping us positive and with passion. The more passionate we become the more our goals will be achieved.

How do you start your day and it’s raining outside? Do you say ‘it’s overcast and a bit miserable? Or do you say the grass is getting watered for free and the sun is trying to come out?

A good start to the day would be to say ‘What can I achieve today?’ You see how positive that is? Creating positive outcomes, with positive out talk. What is your out talk like?

Whatever you say, you are sending messages to your brain and your brain will then execute your commands. So be careful what you ask for, you might just get it! What you think you become, so create the thoughts that you want and focus on the outcome. Act as though you have already achieved what you want. Say you can and you can, say you can’t and you’re absolutely right.

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Glen Wood – The Yoga Teacher. Glen is a yoga expert who loves to teach you how to lose your neck, shoulder or back pain with yoga.
Dedicated to unlocking the Real Secrets of Back, Neck and Shoulder Pain.

Bilka – Our Favourite Home Improvement Centre

I am a DIY fanatic! I spend a lot of my free time such as weekends and holidays from work making home improvements. My favourite home improvement centre is our local store called Bilka. Here is the place where you can purchase anything you need for making improvements to your home.

Bilka is a Danish hypermarket where you can buy anything from garden furniture, fitness equipments to tools. It is the perfect place for me as DIY is my favourite hobby, and I am not shy to admit that I have quite a talent for it! It couldnt be more different a field from my career as a financial advisor. I want to say that the staff at my local Bilka could not be better. They are always there to help with any queries that anybody may have and can advise you on anything.

I have decided to use this cold winter that we are having to start making some improvements to our family home that I share with my lovely wife Jen and our four children including our newest addition, 6 month old Craig. We have decided to paint our kitchen, living room and get the baby room ready for Craig as he is nearly ready to go into a room of his own- at last!

Our oldest daughter Claire is also a keen DIY lover. So I decided that I would take Claire with me when going to the home improvement centre to pick the paint, Claire really does have quite the eye for interior design. Maybe this is the field she will take as her career? I knew that myself and 16-year-old Claire would take quite a lot of time in Bilka looking around the store as we wouldnt just head to the home improvements section! We would be browsing at all they have to offer.

We arrived for their 8.30am opening ready to shop! We had our shopping cart ready to be filled with the great high quality yet cheap paint that they had on offer. We began our day of fun! After browsing and of course adding items that we did not have on our list to our shopping cart, we headed for the home improvement section. We really were taking our time and had to get back home to make a start on the painting job. Luckily myself and Claire had done all the preparation work the night before. The choice of colours that we had to pick from was HUGE! Although we were under strict instructions from my wife that we were not to buy any red paint and certainly not the mint green paint that I was fancying for the kitchen. Lucky I had Claire with me to keep me in check!

After quite a stressful time agreeing on the paint between me and Claire we finally choose the colour and made our way to the checkout. Car packed up with all the paint and new roller that we bought we headed home to begin the transformation of our home. Thanks to Bilka the best home improvement centre me and Claire made a great job on the painting and the baby room looks perfect!

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