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Back problems for runners

Are you a runner suffering from back injury? Well, you are not alone; this is the case with most runners. It is not that such injuries cannot be avoided, but since we are not aware of the fundamentals of running injury free we tend to make these mistakes. All sports person have to maintain their fitness level in order to excel in their career. In order to perform well it is important to maintain high level of fitness which is why sports person have to undergo, very tough physical training sessions.


The result of these training sessions is that many times the athletes land up injuring themselves. Although any athlete would tell you that it is impossible to be in the world of sports without facing an injury, but the fact is that 90% of the injuries can be actually avoided. Take for example back problems for runners. Runners often develop Sciatica which is caused when the sciatic nerve which is the longest nerve of the human body gets disturbed at the root end. The nerve extends from the back to the foot through the buttocks and thighs, so you can very well imagine how severe the lower back problem can get if an athlete disturbs the sciatic nerve during workouts or training session.


Thanks to the technology we now have applications for iPhone which can act as a sports medicine for runners. These applications help in diagnosing an injury and even help in recovering. It allows you to maintain a log of your recovery and even educates about what factors one should keep in mind before and after a training session.


Such applications have received worldwide appreciation for the revolution they have brought in the world of sports and for bringing about so much of awareness about how injuries can be prevented.  These applications are being considered as a real boon for sportsperson across the world.

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