Home Staging Inspection At a Glance

We will start with the “hard” surfaces of the home first. You should check all walls for holes that need patching, etc. This is a must as buyers will shy away from repairs such as these. If you have chipped or cracked tile in your flooring then repair these right away as well. Your countertops should be inspected carefully for chips and cut marks. Cabinetry that is weathered or outdated can be “spruced” up with a bit of orange oil or painted out in a nice neutral color (use semi-gloss after you have used a stain blocker primer) this will freshen up the entire room.

The light fixtures in each room are crucial. The buyer will expect current lighting in the home they purchase. Are yours outdated? Is the lighting in your home “dim” and “dreary”?

Flooring must be inspected with a keen eye. Check hardwood flooring for scrapes and dents. Check carpeting for tears, shredding and stains. Are you still taking notes for your “to do” list?

Inspect very carefully your bathrooms for leaks, mold and calking. The baths should be in pristine condition.

Next check under all sinks for rusted pipes and leaks. This is a good time to remove all cleaning supplies, etc that you are not using.

The doors, including laundry and pantry doors, should be checked for proper closure. No scraping on the floors! The doors may need to be freshly painted or repaired.

On all built-ins check for “unstable” shelving and cracks.

This could take awhile but believe me it is worth repairing these items.

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