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Organic Vegetable Gardening For Beginners

To be successful at organic vegetable gardening you must draw up detailed plans.  The soil is your first consideration; how to make it rich and fertile, and how to prepare it so harmful pests won’t attack your vegetable garden. The two ways that organic vegetable gardening differs from conventional gardens is the usage of fertilizer and how to keep pests under control.  Phosphorous, nitrogen and potassium are the three components essential to your organic garden.

For lush, green foliage you must have nitrogen.  For strong roots and stems phosphorus is needed.   And for the important protection from disease and brief cold snaps, potassium is a must. Let’s call them the big three.  The big three are available in commercial fertilizers however they are synthetic.  In organic vegetable gardening the big three are added in a much different way.

The best way of enriching your soil is by compost.  Dig some pits in your back yard to start your compost from kitchen refuse. Use things like pine needles, corn stalks, leaves, carrot tops, fruits or vegetables that have spoiled, manure, egg shells and coffee grinds.  Some organic gardeners use weeds in their compost but I do not recommend this for obvious reasons.  As the compost materials decompose they release bacteria and fungi into the soil that you are preparing.  The bacteria and fungi convert nutrients like nitrogen to ammonia and nitrates that will be usable for your vegetables. Use substances such as seaweed, potash salts, tobacco stems and wood ash to help make potassium in your compost. By making your own compost, you are controlling the mixture and balance to achieve the right combination for your organic vegetable garden.

To be absolutely sure that your compost has completely broken down and is now offering up the right balance, start working it into the soil at least two weeks before you plan on planting.

The pH in the soil must be right for healthy plants.  Test your soil, if it has a ph of 0 it is very acidic, while a 14 is extreme alkaline.  Of course a seven indicates neutral soil.  To raise the pH of the soil inexpensively use ground limestone.  An additional benefit of the limestone is that it contains magnesium something that most soils lack.  If, on the other hand, you have extreme alkaline soil use sulpher to bring the pH down.

Pest control in organic vegetable gardening is also different that conventional gardening.  In many conventional beds gardeners wish to eradicate all pests with pesticides.  Many in organic gardening only wish to keep the pest population down so to have a balance in the garden.  Obviously, whenever possible, plant pest resistant vegetables.  In order for harmful organisms to grow, they need bright sunlight so keep thick mulch around the plants to deny the organisms that needed sunlight and to help hold moisture into the ground. If you find you have a heavy infestation here is a natural pest control formula:

In a jar, combine 1 teaspoon dishwashing liquid and 1 cup vegetable oil. Shake vigorously. In an empty spray bottle, combine 2 teaspoons of this mixture and 1 cup water. Use at ten-day intervals (or more often if needed) to rid plants of whiteflies, mites, aphids, scales, and other pests.

Follow this tips and you are on your way to raising a healthy and plentiful organic vegetable garden.

Happy Gardening!

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How to Improve Mountain Biking Performance

Long-suspension trail bike (120 mm and
above) designed with geometry which allows cross-country
biking are the most popular mountain bikes today.
Trail bike adjustment, riding style, use of brakes
and pedaling, are different from short-suspension bikes. In this
article, you will find some tips to take advantage of the trail bikes
like: Trek FUEL EX, Merida TRANS MISSION and Giant TRANCE.

Comfortable Suspension

Calibrate the shock absorbers to
the soft side of the range. Common mistake of most riders is to inflate
the shocks in order to simulate old bike. This common mistake has serious
consequences like: suspension isn’t fully used, bike center of gravity and thus
rider position is higher, what cause an unstable ride. Shocks are designed
for spring preload of 25 percent since it is the point at which the rider
spends most of the time.

Use the Gadgets

All the mountain bike special
features are designed for use and aren’t just gimmicks. Compression
damping, rebound damping, suspension travel adjustments are effective and
efficient mechanisms that can improve your cycling performance. Switching
between different modes can change bicycle angle, improve pedaling efficiency
and raise/lower the center of gravity. Dials and buttons are not your
enemies, “play” with them and experience their effect during the ride.

Wide Tires

Wide tires let you move fast, ride
aggressively in technical sections, stop hard, and all of them under full control. You
can balance the weight you have added to the tires by converting the rim to
run tubeless.

Low Air Pressure

Large volume tires can be
inflated with low air pressure. 1.9/2.1 wide tire inflated to 50 PSI, will lose
about 10 PSI if the width is increased to 2.35. Cross country bike with a
tire width of 2.35 inches does not require more than 28 PSI front and 30 PSI
rear if the rider weighs about 75 kilograms. Cycling with high air
pressure in wide tires will become bumpy and unpleasant nightmare, and decrease
bike’s overall performance.

Ride Fast

Long suspension forks have high
energy absorption capability, so they can bring you to a complete stop when
encountering an obstacle. You should arrive with momentum to allow the
bike to absorb the obstacle and move forward. 


You do not have to climb with the
small gear up front, but trail bike with thick tires climbs best while you
seating. Climb effectiveness depends on bike capability to keep momentum,
and this by “swallowing” bumps and advance on selected line. Let
your bike and suspension do the work for you.

Break Late

When you equipped with 5 to 6
inches of travel in the back and wide tires, you are not supposed to lock the
wheels during braking. Versus short suspension bikes, the front brakes in
trail bike are more effective. Fork and front tire let the rider to brake
later and deeper into the turn.  Release the brakes gradually when entering
into the turn and stick to the selected line.

Right is in the Middle

The more suspension travel the
bike has, the more they are sensitive to rider’s weight transfer forward and
back. It is better to ride in the middle of the bike. Two situations in
which the body shouldn’t be centered are standing acceleration and technical
downhill. In standing acceleration the body should be shifted forward, and
in technical downhill, body weight should be on the back to reduce the load on
the fork.

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mountain biking and specially mountain biking clothing, refer to Mountain Biking Clothing

Mountain Biking Clothing

Kids' Healthy Habits

Every parent wants healthy kids, what parent doesn’t right? From the moment of conception, most mothers just pray for a healthy and normal baby. It’s easy enough to keep babies healthy. We choose what they eat, and we can keep them active. The challenge begins when they become old enough to walk on their own, talk, and make some decisions. Developing kids healthy habits is a challenge many parents face everyday, here are some great tips to keeping your kids healthy in all aspects!

Start Young

Habits are formed when you’re young. Look at what you do everyday, chances are you’ll be able to pinpoint something that you’ve been doing for years! These habits probably started when you were a child. This will be the same for you children. Whatever becomes comfortable to them while young becomes habit. The important thing as a parent is to mold healthy habits. Start as soon as they begin showing signs of independence, and try to mold habits in them till they’re around thirteen or fourteen. If you can have habits that have stuck from the time they’re toddlers to the time they’re pre-teens, chances are they will carry these habits on to adulthood.

Stay Clean!

One way to make sure your kids stay healthy and illness free is to make sure they stay clean. Make sure they have the habit of taking a bath at least once a day, brushing their teeth twice a day, washing their hands before and after every meal, and after handling money. Keeping your kids clean is a good way to fight of germs. Don’t put your kids in a bubble, though. It is okay to play in the mud from time to time, so long as they take good baths afterwards.

Keep Active!

Encourage your children to join sports and take time to play with them. Children have a lot of energy, and they need to exercise those muscles so that they grow strong. As an adult, you need about half an hour of exercise everyday. If you can spend this half hour playing and running around with your kids, then it’s hitting two birds with one stone. It’s also a great way to bond with your kids. Most children whose parents played with them and spent time with them regularly are less likely to become problem teens. So take up a sport with your kids to ensure that their bodies stay fit, and ensuring a great relationship between the two of you.

Develop Their Brain Power

Get your children to read books, do puzzles, play chess, and other brain boosting activities. These can be after dinner activities for your kids. Exercising their brains is just as important as exercising their bodies and the development of the brain promotes health. So make these activities frequent.

Eat Within Limits

Last but not least, monitor what you’re kids are eating. The quality and quantity of food that your child takes in is very important. Follow the recommended serving sizes for foods, and make sure that the five food groups are well represented in your child’s diet. Making sure they eat healthy is one of the best ways to make sure your child is healthy. Plus, if you can encourage a healthy eating habit, and get them to carry this on till they’re teens and young adults, then you have significantly decreased your child’s risk of getting a multitude of diseases!

Kid healthy habits can be tricky to develop, but any dedicated parent can find it easy once they set the steps in motion. Get your kids on healthy habits today, you’ll never regret it!

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We understand the challenge of raising children, and how parents worry after their well being. For more information on how you can make sure you kids stay healthy, especially on how they can develop healthy eating habits, visit Healthy Eating for Children now!

Balcony Privacy Screens Can Change Your Home For The Better

You may be seeing many different home structures and designs lately on television or home magazine, and that brought you the thought of remodeling your home to make it more beautiful just like the once you saw.  You might be thinking that that would be a big challenge for you knowing the fact that you need money, time and effort if you want some renovations to your home.  Well. Changes could be a little bit rough at first but as long as you do it with proper planning and right timing, everything will run smoothly as you want it to be.  The change could be everything to you that is why taking every details are necessary to make your plans fruitful.

Changes could be overwhelming at times especially if such change refers to the remodeling of your home.  But, if you are in a dilemma on what would be the best steps you should take, choose the course of action that will not require large amount of money so that you can manage the change as you proceed with your task.  If you didn’t think yet of better solution in your latest improvement issues, then why don’t you take into consideration adding some balcony privacy screens in your bedroom balcony for a start.  This type of change will totally bring your home into a new appearance without touching some of your home’s foundation.

Moreover, the said additions could give your home some sort of protection for the artificial hedge screens will serve as a block and protect your family’s privacy.  You may be aware that you cannot simply avoid the fact that people from your neighborhood may have the liberty of watching you and your family’s back every time you are busy.  Well, it sounds creepy but it just a usual reaction of neighbors especially if viewing is free.  So much so, that with the use of the artificial hedge screens, you can eliminate this particular problem.

On the other hand, you can also use the balcony or patio privacy screens n your patio or garden.  It will definitely be a nice new attraction since the artificial green plants will blend in with the environment.  Since, intruders could be in your property if you have no walls or fences, the balcony or patio privacy screens will give the said protection you need.  It will serve as your artistic fences that will make your home beautiful and well protected as the same time.  Such additions may not do any changes with home foundation but definitely can change your home for the better.

For more information and resources on?balcony or patio privacy, artificial plants and trees and other gardening ideas, please visit our?blogs for artificial ornaments.

Add a Classy feel to the Kitchen with White Sparkle Worktop

These worktops are available in a plethora of colors, textures, shades and designs to choose from. There also exist laminate patterns that are impeccable in the way they imitate the look and feel of a natural material such as wood or stone, thereby giving your kitchen a very authentic appearance. The imitation is unbelievably real and available at a fraction of the cost of the natural material. It is no wonder that many fashion-savvy homeowners have started switching from expensive worktops made from granite or oak to laminate worktops for their kitchens.


Why White Sparkle is Preferred over other colors?


Out ofall laminate kitchen worktops, white sparkle is one of the highest selling worktop designs. With the recent craze for all-white kitchens, white sparkle worktops have gained worldwide popularity in terms of preventing a kitchen from appearing monotonously white and giving it a classy appeal. The laminated background with a white sheen along with silver flecks embedded within it creates a perfect magical effect in any modern or traditional kitchen. The glossy surface with its mirror effect automatically becomes a spectacular focal point in the kitchen, thereby enhancing its overall appearance. Moreover, the color white because of its light-reflecting properties gives your kitchen the illusion of being far more spacious and bright than it actually is.


Different Variants of White Sparkle


There is a wide variety of samples available within the white sparkle worktop range and these include the Crystal Star, Astral White Gloss, Mirror Spark, and White Spark. These samples are almost identical with miniscule variations differentiating one from another. Homeowners who are perfectionists typically request all samples of white sparkle laminate to carefully select one that goes well with their current kitchen interior. The laminate is also available as a separate sheet that can be installed over an existing kitchen worktop.


White sparkle laminates come in a variety of sizes and you can choose one that best meets your requirements. They usually have a square edged profile and can be purchased with a matching edging strip. The base material is chipboard or timber which is then given a laminated cover to create a smooth and seamless impression in the kitchen. The process of lamination involves applying high intensities of both pressure and heat to seal the surface in order to improve its durability.


Apart from the stylish and elegant appeal offered to a kitchen by a white sparkle worktop, the laminated surface also serves to be a practical choice for a number of reasons. The surface is abrasion, impact, moisture, water, stain, and heat resistant. Any spill can be cleaned easily with a damp cloth without leaving a trace on the worktop. The skillfully sealed front and back edges prevent water from seeping through the top surface, thereby increasing the lifespan of your laminate worktop. Not surprisingly, these worktops are hygienic and stay fresh fora longer period of time than one can expect.

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Hydroponic Gardening – You can build in your Backyard

Floating gardens of china and hanging gardens of Babylon are two examples of
this. Scientists started this method since 1950 and countries like Germany,
Australia and Holland are using this from many years. In 19th century the
researchers of plant technology came to know that actually it is possible to
garden without soil because the essential mineral need for a plant to grow can
be found in water.

An active hydroponic system moves the nutrient
solution using a pump. While the passive system works on the capillary system.
Passive systems are too weak to supply enough oxygen to the root system for
maximum growth. Another method of characterizing hydroponics is recovery or
non-recovery. Recovery systems or re- circulating systems reuse the nutrient
solution and non recovery systems don’t use them. Pumps and moving parts are not
used in this technique.

While the nutrient film technique is this
system. In this root system is aerated and supported. The principle that applies
to soil fertilizers also applies to fertilizers. It contains all the nutrients
that the soil fertilizers contain. Plants with PH range 5.8 to 6.8 can be grown
hydroponically. The PH of the growing plants can be checked much easily than
that of the soil.

If you want to build Hydroponic System on your own
then fist of all build the system on your own. When you understand the basics of
the system and when you gain some experience regarding this then start growing
your own system. This will help you a lot. You will be able to use the parts of
this system when you will build your own gardening system. Building own system
can be rewarding but sometimes it can be very frustrating. You must be patient
while doing so.

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Performance Improvement in the Far-Flung Enterprise

Grow revenues! Grow profits! Execute better! Is there anything more important for most organizations? Growing revenues and profits can be a significant challenge if your organization consists of:

• 3600 pharmacies,
• 4400 quick service restaurants,
• 1800 grocery stores,
• 2400 apparel stores,
• 200 bank branches, or
• 60 “identical” manufacturing facilities around the world.

How can you consistently grow sales and profits when the numbers and geographical dispersion of “local” operating units are so staggeringly big and complex? Let’s answer this question by examining the importance of coaching for this type of organization, particularly the critical role of district and area management in coaching local performance, and how”digital coach technology” (DCT) can enable personal expert coaching of hundreds or thousands of local managers simultaneously.

Growing both revenues and profits in geographically dispersed chain or chainlike organizations can be challenging. Typically, there are just two growth alternatives for these types of organizations:

1. Efficiently add local operating units either by opening new ones or acquiring existing ones

2. Grow year-to-year same unit productivity, sales, and profits

During good economic conditions, chains tend to emphasize adding or acquiring new units as the best way to boost revenues. During weaker times, they tend to emphasize the importance of improving same store performance. Overall, to achieve sustained success, chains require superior execution of both strategies.

Not surprisingly, there are many barriers to achieving the performance required for sustained success. Every store represents the entire company to the customers. One poor experience in any location sours the customer on the entire chain. Contact between headquarters leadership and the field tends to be infrequent, limited in scope and strained. Each locale believes it is completely unique, encouraging local management to diverge, often inappropriately, from accepted and expected norms and standards. Senior managers are bombarded by so many problems and issues that they are forced into a reactive role, with little time for proactive, positive development of the overall system. The list could go on and on!

In short, even though the enterprise needs superior, uniform performance from every local operating unit, each local operating unit is usually only “loosely coupled” to the organization, functioning at least partially as an independent entity. Naturally, in these circumstances, some units consistently and systematically outperform others, and the poorer performers are a significant problem. Poor performance has a significant negative impact for chains. Some chains have even been dragged into bankruptcy by the problems of the poor performers.

What then can a chain do to improve the performance of the less effective operating units, and thus the performance of the overall chain? The answer is actually quite simple – manage them better! Effective management is the key to sustained performance improvement.

What do these managers do that is missing from the conventional wisdoms? Mainly, they provide personal, one-on-one coaching for the local store managers, performing many of the functions that training, binders and IT systems neglect. Their personal coaching:

• Conveys the coach’s energy and passion about the function to the non-expert, motivating their excitement about and ownership of the process
• Provides the ‘big picture” view to the non-expert, including critical mental models and organization, enabling them to understand the focus and process of the function
• Adjusts the specific “how to’s” to the real situation of the nonexpert, enabling direct application of the coach’s knowledge
• Frequently checks in with the non-expert to track and assess progress, to make further adjustments and provide emotional support

In summary, great coaching provides the emotional, mental and physical guidance and support in real-time, which makes the non-expert feel valued, involved, focused and successful. None of the conventional wisdoms can provide anything close to the impact of direct coaching. The results of great coaching are, once again, the development of profound trust and huge gains in productivity, sales and profitability.

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Three Steps From Great Business Improvement Systems

Do you own a small to medium business and have an immediate need to increase business profits? Business planning when profits are down can be an exercise in frustration, but by following three logical steps, it’s possible to get your business back on track.

Step 1: Seek Professional Help

It may seem counterproductive to seek the assistance of business management specialists when you’re struggling to pay the bills. The truth is, however, that following the same unsuccessful strategies repeatedly won’t produce more profit.

Find business consultants willing to tailor their solutions to your company’s needs and, by all means, compare their services and rates. The best consultants offer some type of guaranteed business improvement system, further minimizing your risk.

Take advantage of the training and technology business planning specialists possess, as well as the objective feedback they can offer. By incorporating their business management strategies, you can take control of freefalling profits and put your company back on solid ground.

Step 2: Make Strategic Changes

Armed with information gleaned with the help of your business management consultant, make changes in key areas that will produce the most profit. Cutting staff or decreasing expenses in some other way might not always be the best way to stop the bleeding. The answer might lie with other benchmarks you identify.

The owner of a secretarial services firm, for example, isn’t sure whether she should increase her hourly rate or keep trying to cut expenses. With the help of her business improvement system, she learns that a slight increase in her rates will more than cover her increased expenses and allow her to rebuild reserves. Making strategic adjustments such as this often makes the difference between business expansion and business failure.

Step 3: Keep Your Staff Informed and Motivated

Your employees may be planning their own exit strategies if they’re unsure of your company’s stability. Give them solid information about what to expect by sharing regular reports about key business activities.

Being transparent about the state of your firm, even when you’re trying to improve business profits, gives employees the chance to offer solutions. Include time for creativity and innovation in your ‘state of the company’ update sessions. Allowing employees to be part of the solution doesn’t mean handing over the reins of your company, but it could keep them motivated to stay during hard times.

Companies that stay in business during difficult financial times are managed by people not afraid to ask for help. If you’re struggling to keep your business afloat, the right business tools can be a lifeline. Their promise of a guaranteed business improvement system may seem too good to be true, but such a tool could be your company’s best hope for survival.

Seek professional help, use what you learn to make the most productive changes in your business and keep your staff motivated by sharing information and involving them in problem solving. Following these three steps can help your firm stabilize and, perhaps even grow, during difficult financial times. 

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Gardening 101 ? Lawn Care Tips

Lawn is an important part of a house. It enhances the beauty of your house. It gives an open and a free feeling and with the green grasses that you have in your lawn, you will really feel relax and comfortable being there. Not all people can afford to have a lawn. Those who live in apartments and condominiums do not have the chance to have a lawn that they can stay, when they want to relax but do not what to leave the comfort of their own premise. As it is vital, lawn should be maintained to keep the beauty of the green grasses in it. Maintaining a lawn will not be that hard as you imagine if you just know how to do it the easy way.

Lawns are beautiful landscape though not big but enough to enjoy your past time or even celebrate and arrange parties, ceremonies or any other event. If you are having lawn in your backyard or in front of the house then it is your responsibility to take care of your own lawn. Taking care and maintenance of lawns is not as easy as you might think, so if you are planning to create a lawn for you then be prepared to experience the ups and downs which will take place. In this article, you will find some of the important and basic steps and tips towards taking care of the lawn.

You should revamp it if your lawn has been there for years. This is important to maintain the look of your lawn as beautiful as it was the first time. Revamping your lawn can allow you should see to it that all the dead grasses will be pulled off and should be replaced by a new one. You need to cultivate the soil and add more seed to it. There is a machine that can ease your job in aerating the soil and it is called aerator. You can buy this online or in your local shop.

Loan mowing is very important as well. This keep the grasses in a particular length. It is also essential to choose the right kind of grass to grow in your lawn, this can save you money. It will have a better resistance against damage that is caused by weeds and insects when you choose the right type of grass. You can use pesticides to prevent insects from damaging your well maintained lawns.

You can also use fertilizers to make your grasses healthy. You just have to see to it that you use organic fertilizer to help the environment.

A beautiful lawn is not just a thing that you can do over time. This will take days or even months to maintain it. Mowing your grasses once a week will ensure that your lawn is healthy and well maintained. A great lawn can be a place for you to bond with you family, playing ball games for and you family to enjoy is just some of the many reasons why you should keep on maintaining your lawn.

Find the best liquid organic fertilizer in the market today to help in making sure that the grasses in your lawn will have enough water, air and nutrients that it needs. organic fertilizer will also give your lawn the nutrients that will make it greener.

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Christmas Presents For Gardening Aficionados

Christmas can frequently be a difficult time to find the correct type of gifts for people. If you’re lucky enough to have an avid gardener as a close friend, associate or significant other then you are in luck. You’ll discover a wide range of gardening gifts that will accommodate experts and gardening beginners alike. However, numerous individuals can struggle each and every Christmas to discover gift ideas for gardeners since they aren’t aware of what is obtainable or do not know where to begin. If you’re struggling for ideas then there are numerous various locations you can start.

A great place to have a look at various gardening products is at your local gardening centre. Generally these sort of locations will have Christmas displays which are packed with various ideas for Christmas gifts for gardeners. The other advantage of going to a garden centre is that you will find lots of employees on hand to help you out. Depending on the type of gardener the gift is for, they could suggest various types of tools and machinery they may need for day by day routine maintenance to products which will help with growing your own vegetables. There’s a really good chance that the garden centre might have a selection of various novelty gardening gifts like funny keyrings and t-shirts.

Checking out the Web for inspiration is usually a good idea. There are plenty of online shops which will be offering fantastic deals on various Christmas gifts for gardeners. There is also a great deal of information on various gardening forums and blogs. You’ll have the ability to see what other people are talking about as well as asking questions directly to specialists. They will probably be able to tell you anything from why you should purchase a particular type of lawnmower or where the very best place would be to buy garden summerhouses. There are a wealth of other sources you could use for inspiration on-line you just have to discover them. This could be as simple as typing gardening gift ideas into a internet search engine.

At this time of year many gardeners will already be planning what they are going to do with their lawns, plants and vegetable patches as soon as the snow melts. It would be a good concept to try and find out what they’re planning and then base your gift ideas around that. If they say that they’re interested in growing their own fruit and vegetables then you could buy them raised garden beds to help. These sorts of raised garden beds supply a controlled environment which makes them ideal for growing your own vegetables. They are a fantastic gift to give as they come in a variety of sizes so you are able to use smaller ones for growing inside during the cold winter months.

If you are still struggling to come up with ideas then you could always resort to buying gift vouchers. The majority of garden centres will sell store vouchers and you can generally check online to work out those that do. This way you do not have to invest a great deal of time researching and thinking about the present. You also know that when they eventually purchase some thing for themselves, it’ll be something that they prefer.

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Cyril Stanthrope enjoys writing articles about Christmas and helping people find inspiration for gifts. If you want to find out more about growing your own vegetables then why not visit