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Soil 101 For Gardeners

If you are new to gardening one of the areas of key importance is your soil. The soil is the anchorage for the plants root system and provides the elemental nutrients needed for plant development. Soil science is a very large field of study and what I am covering here is only a small part of a scientific venue that we as gardeners need to have a cursory understanding of. I hope you have already noticed that I did not call it dirt, after a brief exposure here I know you will appreciate or at least have a better understanding of the soil that we daily walk upon, build upon and grow in. Did you know only 11% of the earth’s total ice-free land is arable land ie. land capable of being tilled and growing crops. The remaining 89% of the earth’s land is either too cold, too steep, too dry or too infertile to support crop growth. Of the 11% arable land only a small fraction can be described as highly productive.

Soil Formation

Soil is an end-product of rock weathering into finely divided material mixed with organic matter that can support vegetation. There are three forms of rock weathering: physical weathering, chemical weathering and biological weathering. Soil is then formed in stages. The first stage is the accumulation of weathered rock fragments. The second stage is the formation of layers, called horizons. The layers run parallel to the grounds surface and are made up of like material, having similar structure, particle size, texture and porosity. The horizons differ from the layers above and below each other. The third stage is called humification. That is the process of growth and death of lichens, fungi and plants along with bacterial action to add organic content to the soil. The upper horizon is called topsoil and as gardeners this is the area we will be dealing with the most. Soils that have the three fully developed horizons are known as mature soils. Different soil characteristics are developed by rainfall, profusion of plants, drainage, temperature, topography and the mineral contents of the rocks that originally formed the soil.

Soil Structure

The inorganic or mineral elements of soils are particles of varying size. From the largest to the smallest, soil components are divided into three types: sand, silt and clay. The four main classes of soil texture are loam, clay, peat and alluvium.

* Loam is a texture with sand, silt and clay in an even balance, with a high percentage of organic material.

* Clay is a texture with at least 20% or greater clay particles.

* Peat is a deposit of partially decomposed organic matter that has been preserved by the lack of oxygen through water saturation.

* Alluvium is fine grained soil of silt and mud particles deposited by streams or rivers.

Experienced soil testers can tell what type and texture of soil you have by hand. They see if the soil will ball up in their hand and they rub the soil in the palm of their hands to further identify type and texture. Of course this is just their observations that back up the lab analysis. Soil structure affects the ability of soil to hold air and moisture uniformly and the ability of root structures to develop.

Soil Nutrients

Soil nutrients are essential for plant growth and development. The mineral nutrients are present in solution in the soil water, where it is taken in and up by the plants root system. The plant nutrients are divided into two main categories: macronutrients and micronutrients. The macronutrients are needed in large quantities and are as follows: carbon, oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen (chemical symbol N), phosphorus (P), potassium (K), calcium (Ca), magnesium (Mg), and sulfur (S). Carbon, oxygen and hydrogen are found in the air and water, with all the others found in mineral form. Calcium (Ca), magnesium (Mg), and sulfur (S) are also known as Secondary Nutrients. Plants need these three secondary nutrients in the same amounts as the others but most soils are not deficient in these macronutrients. The three we will be dealing with the most are nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P) and potassium (K), with nitrogen being in inadequate amounts in most garden soils. The micronutrients are ; iron (Fe), zinc (Zn), manganese (Mn), boron, copper, molybdenum, and chlorine. The micronutrients are also known as the trace elements since they are only needed in small quantities. Excess amounts of trace elements can be toxic to plants.

Soil pH

Soil acidity or alkalinity is indicated by the soil pH value. Soil ranges from acid to neutral to alkaline. The pH scale ranges from zero to 14 with 7 being neutral, zero being the highest acid reading with 14 being the most alkaline. If the pH analysis is high in either direction, key nutrients can be chemically “tied up” or insoluble to the soils water, thus not available for take up by the plants root system. Most plants like a slightly acidic soil. The pH range preferred by most garden plants is about 6.0 pH to 7.2 pH. Acid soil is common in heavy rainfall areas and is frequently associated with sandy soils and soils high in organic material. Adding lime (calcium carbonate) is usually recommended to raise pH if your soil is acidic. Alkaline soil is usually found in areas of low rainfall and high calcium carbonate. Sulfur can be added to lower pH or you can amend your soil over time with compost or aged manure. Be careful if you are using fresh or green manure as this can lead to excessive salt in the soil which will pull water from the plants roots.

Soil Testing

A soil analysis will determine your nutrient levels and your soils pH. Many DIY soil testing kits are available through Ace hardware, Lowe’s or your local gardening center. Rapitest is a brand that is widely used and is readily available online at Park Seeds. The costs vary and you want to make sure what your kit does or does not test for. Most kits do not include the pH

Why Would One Go For Installing Granite Kitchen Countertops PA

Kitchens are nice and they are a homeowners most desired place to spend a lot of time. Love cooking or not, does not matter. The kitchen is the heart of many households and so has to be tastefully done. If not and a remodeling is on the cards, then consider installing granite countertops. There are very few, simple materials that has a lot of features and style wrapped inside it. Granite, a naturally occurring stone is one such good example. Even if it can be found in its crudest form in Nature, once they are shaped and fabricated into polished granite countertops, a price tag comes on it automatically. Now if you are considering installing a granite kitchen countertops pa, well and good but keep the cost in mind. You can get it at great rates if you are picking a piece up from the Pennsylvania granite wholesale dealers. Not only will they have a great variety, but in all probability you will get a nice discount on granite countertops pa.

With this known that installing granite countertops can be a costly affair, why would one still go with the idea? It is simple. It is hard to resist the charm of a granite countertop. Of all the materials available, granite surfaces are known for its durability, versatility and for its natural fit in almost all the kitchens in Pennsylvania homes. Plus, the choice of Pennsylvania granite countertops are huge. They are available in a good number of colors that can range anything between deep gray to forest green and pitch black. Choosing the perfect countertop is mandatory as you would want it to sync with the rest of the kitchen rather than stand way out from the rest.

Installing kitchen granite countertops in PA homes comes naturally for yet another reason. Homeowners with island features in the kitchen find only granite to go most aptly with it. It is the shine, elegance, style of a granite countertop that adds the wow factor to the kitchen which otherwise would have been very dull and drab. Kitchen islands are put to a great use in the kitchen. Apart from adding beauty to the space, a lot of activities take place on the island like it serves to be the dining area or the working area for your children. Hence, the surface has to endure a lot of activities and should have the tenacity to withstand all of it.

The ease of maintenance perhaps is yet another best reason to install granite countertops. Granite countertops and islands needs to be cleaned at regular intervals. The surfaces can be wiped easily with soap and water cleaner but it has to be scrubbed nicely so that the water marks do not leave back any stains. Corrosive agents or hard detergents and chemicals should be refrained from using as it tends to damage the surface, shine and sealings. With a little care, granite countertops can be maintained and kept new for years to come.

Many years of experience in working with wholesale granite dealers. With a penchant for writing, he mentions in his recent article why installing granite countertops in the kitchen is a great idea.

Common Back Stiffness Myths

Back pain is maybe the commonest health problem ever. Actually thousands of people suffer with back pain each year in America alone. But, regardless of the problem being so common, not that many people know the facts about back pain. A few back pain sufferers foster various fables that deter successful treatment. Let us take a look at some of the commonest legends regarding this common health problem.

It is a big myth amongst sufferers of back trouble that they must remain in bed and take rest. Though, it is just a myth. Rest can become necessary in case back trouble emerges due to an acute injury. However, immobility isn’t at all suggested for back stiffness sufferers. Sufferers should remain indulged in some form of activity. This would supply a support to their back and pep-up the healing process.

Back pain is untreatable. It is one more nervousness related to the back trouble. Back trouble can be a difficult issue to cope with, nonetheless it is certainly curable. The challenge applying to this health concern lies in understanding the right cure. The solution for back pain varies from person to person and cause of the problem. In case, you’re going through a mild discomfort, go for natural cures such as reflexology and chiropractic treatment. Nevertheless, to fight with bad cases of sciatica or any other back stiffness, find help of a medical specialist.

Another popular parable that many back stiffness sufferers foster is they would need to give up their fave activities such as hiking or gardening. This again is not true. Of course, it is very important to listen to your body when you’re suffering from back trouble. But, this does not mean that you have to give up all of the activities that you like. There are several core conditioning exercises for sciatica that will help you return to your normal course of activities.

It’s a common perception that surgery is the best answer for back pain. However, surgery might not be suggested in each case. Surgery for sciatica and different kinds of back trouble might be essential in some cases but it is frequently taken as a last resort to the issue. In fact, many people do not require surgery at all. They can get shot of the issue with some help from some changes in lifestyle and use of pain relief medicines alone.

Therefore, it’s required to understand the details of the difficulty before turning to therapy system. Having less or insubstantial data about something can land you in bigger trouble. This goes for back pain too. You can fight back stiffness if you know it in and out. Get the misconceptions out of your consciousness and be positive to discover a solution that would work best for you personally.

Know more about Surgery For Sciatica and Exercises For Sciatica

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Great Ideas For Stair Railings

Currently there is a wide variety of materials to build a stair railing. Long time ago and still today, houses had stairs wood railings, as wood is a nice material to work with. Especially beautiful are which are made of oak wood… with wonderful red colour and knocks that are unmistakable. The star of the house will be an oak wood balustrade, without any doubt. If we try to match the colour of the stairs with the wood flooring it will give beauty elegance to our homes. Although it can be a difficult task due to the many stair parts that we need to have in account to choose…like balusters, handrails, treads, and ornamental trim pieces.
On a staircase the first part we notice is the railing. It has its important use, one is to provide security for going up and down the stairs, and the other is to hold up the balustrade of the staircase. These elements must be kept in mind when the staircase is going to have a railing design. Unique, are wood railings. They are charm, grace, and soft, the perfect end for your house, improving the look of it and of course increasing the value of it. They are durable and strong. Wood is the choice that never goes out of style.

Add Elegance And Charm To Your Home With Oak Wood.

The oak wood is generally used to build the stairs traditional commercial buildings such as libraries, office buildings and houses. It gives charm and elegance to any room whit its unmistakeable smooth and warm colour. If you think that metal railings can improve and give more style to your staircase, use it. They have many decorative options and display themselves beautifully. Lots luxury and high homes are decorated with iron railings. They display grace, elegance and a special luxury. A style that nowadays is being used in most of the modern buildings all around the world. Iron railings are used for many residential and commercial staircases. They offer as which are made of wood, safety and functionality. Iron decorates your home. They have a wide variety of design, assuring that you will find a special one for display at home. The metal stair railing fit in any environment. What you need is just the good advice and work of a qualified person.

How To Get Satisfied With The Results.

Making stairs can be very complicated. First priority in this type of project is to make it safe and functional. After it comes style. A few things, the rise between treads, the number of treads and the total run of the steps, the horizontal distance between bottom and the top of the stairs. Following these steps will assist you in creating a successful staircase. Be creative. Your inner spirit will help you on the creation of your stairs. Lots of styles, modern, traditional or contemporary. Spirit and design to have a work of art at home.

MrCaxton used to publish decorating tips and reviews at his site, where you can find articles on railing styles including further information regarding stair railings and wood railings.

Back problems for runners

Are you a runner suffering from back injury? Well, you are not alone; this is the case with most runners. It is not that such injuries cannot be avoided, but since we are not aware of the fundamentals of running injury free we tend to make these mistakes. All sports person have to maintain their fitness level in order to excel in their career. In order to perform well it is important to maintain high level of fitness which is why sports person have to undergo, very tough physical training sessions.


The result of these training sessions is that many times the athletes land up injuring themselves. Although any athlete would tell you that it is impossible to be in the world of sports without facing an injury, but the fact is that 90% of the injuries can be actually avoided. Take for example back problems for runners. Runners often develop Sciatica which is caused when the sciatic nerve which is the longest nerve of the human body gets disturbed at the root end. The nerve extends from the back to the foot through the buttocks and thighs, so you can very well imagine how severe the lower back problem can get if an athlete disturbs the sciatic nerve during workouts or training session.


Thanks to the technology we now have applications for iPhone which can act as a sports medicine for runners. These applications help in diagnosing an injury and even help in recovering. It allows you to maintain a log of your recovery and even educates about what factors one should keep in mind before and after a training session.


Such applications have received worldwide appreciation for the revolution they have brought in the world of sports and for bringing about so much of awareness about how injuries can be prevented.  These applications are being considered as a real boon for sportsperson across the world.

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Put a final stop to running injuries, Sport application for Android, iPhone

Fx Trading From Home

Ever thought of FX trading from home? It is now possible with the help of sophisticated software. Whether, it is Forex or any other type of trading, you can transact online from the comfort of your home. This platform is available at any time from any corner of the world. It allows you to place orders even during non-working hours.

Currency trading is best practiced through this medium. It is a hassle free and economic way of trading in financial instruments. All you need to do is open an account online and you can start trading after completing the registration. This platform offers a huge range of FX pairs. You can trade over 60 currency pairs at competitive spreads for spot rates.

Here are some of the highlights of FX trading through this medium. There are mini contracts that give you access to smaller deal sizes at the same tight spread. It offers you a convenient way to back your judgment on currencies with no commission to pay.

Trading FX as a CFD is simply, you ‘sell’ a CFD contract if you think the first-named currency in the quoted pair is going to weaken, and you ‘buy’ one if you think the first-named currency is going to strengthen.

All trades are executed immediately, and there is no need to worry about the daily rollover. It allows you to cut out the hassle and paperwork that goes with traditional FX trading.

Features Of Trading From Home

Commission Free Contracts: You can trade all FX contracts commission free. A new position can be opened from just 1percent of the contract value.

Seminar: You can expect to learn something new through their seminars. Customers can educate themselves about various aspects like, how does FX work, how are currencies quoted, what is currency pair, what drives FX markets, how to trade and so on.

Tools: There are several tools like charts, market research analysis, third-party research, FX focus among others. This award-winning browser-based platform provides all the tools you need for successful FX trading. You can expect the best advanced technology, which is also available on your mobile or iPhone.

Competitive Rates: You can expect offers of some of the lowest rates across a wide range of the world markets. This service provider offers strength, security and client money protection. They also have professional level charts that are fully customizable and trade in real time.

Risk Management Tools: FX trading platform offers a range of risk management tools, including guaranteed stops and trailing stops. There are options for limited risk orders. This kind of controlled risk allows you to enjoy maximum profits.

At the same time, it sets your maximum loss level at which your trade will be closed, if the market goes down. These risk management tools enable you to enjoy unlimited profits, while putting a limit on potential losses during currency trading.

This medium of trading has many advantages for beginners as well as experienced investors. It is a safe and convenient method of investing. FX trading gives an option of transacting from the comfort of your home. It allows you to trade other securities like shares, stocks, indices and so on.

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FX trading is the best medium for transacting online. This method of currency trading is safe and convenient. It gives you an opportunity to trade from the comfort of your home.

Leddy is back with Hawks

After helping the United States win the bronze medal at the IIHF World Juniors Championship in Buffalo earlier this week, Nick Leddy thought his next stop was back home in Minnesota.
Instead, the Chicago Blackhawks called him up to the NHL to rejoin the team he started playing with this season. The Hawks officially recalled Leddy on Friday from Rockford of the American Hockey League after sending veteran defenseman Jassen Cullimore there on Thursday, where to buy Cheap NHL Jerseys? maybe ujersy is a good choice.
Cullimore played in 36 games for Chicago and had 8 assists with a plus-4 rating.
It’s been quite a week for Leddy, a 19-year old puck-moving defenseman. After Chicago’s morning skate on Friday, Leddy said playing in the WJC and 22 games with Rockford helped him improve from the six games he spent with the Hawks to start the season.
“It was an unbelievable experience and an experience I’ll never forget,” he said of winning the bronze with the U.S. team. “We got off to a pretty slow start (against Canada in the semifinals), but I’m just glad we went out on a positive note.”
After scoring 1 goal with Chicago — his first in the NHL — Leddy was sent to the AHL, where he scored 2 goals and 10 points with a minus-7 rating for the IceHogs before joining Team USA for the WJC. In that tournament, Leddy played in all five U.S. games and tallied 2 assists with a plus-1 rating.

Now he’s back in Chicago after developing all aspects of his game at the lower levels.
“You gain more confidence as you play, but this is another step up in the NHL,” he said. “Every level you jump, there’s just going to be more skilled players and you’ve got to adjust to that league. I guess we’ll see what happens, but I’ll do my best.”
Leddy will likely be paired with Jordan Hendry as Chicago’s third defense tandem against the Ottawa Senators on Friday night at the United Center. Hawks coach Joel Quenneville said it’s also possible that Leddy might get some time on the penalty kill unit, which is currently ranked 28th in the League (77.3 percent).
Quenneville likes what Leddy did in the minors and at the WJC and hopes that translates to the NHL.
“He’s progressed,” Quenneville said. “He looks bigger off the ice and on the ice. I think the World Juniors was good for him, as well. He gives us more puck possession, more presence offensively in that area. He played well when he was here earlier. I just think he added consistency as he worked his way down there, if you want to buy Pittsburgh Penguins Letang Jersey, go to ujersy.”
As for which team Leddy rooted for in the gold medal game between Canada and Russia, the U.S. rivalry with the Canadians was too big to overlook. Was he actually cheering for Russia to pull the upset?
“I might have been,” Leddy said, smiling.
Stalberg not panicked: Hawks forward Viktor Stalberg hasn’t scored a goal in 19 games, but has gone through a period of really bad luck in that stretch.

It started on Dec. 11 against the San Jose Sharks on the road, when an apparent goal by Stalberg wasn’t allowed because of a quick whistle during a scramble. Then, on Jan. 2 against the Anaheim Ducks on the road, a puck Stalberg shot from the low slot was redirected over the goal by a teammate.
Stalberg was so sure the puck was going into a wide opening in the net that he even began to raise his arms to celebrate. Instead, no goal and the Hawks lost 2-1.
Yet, that wasn’t the craziest stroke of bad luck for Stalberg. In Chicago’s 4-2 home loss to Dallas on Wednesday, Stalberg was awarded a penalty shot after being tripped in the second period. He beat Stars goalie Kari Lehtonen, but his backhand shot hit the right post, crossbar and then left post without crossing the goal line.
“I don’t think I could get 1,000 pucks out there and do the same thing,” Stalberg said on Friday. “Basically it’s impossible. It’s just one of those things. I heard there’s one guy (who’s) done it before a couple years ago, but that’s about it.”
As for his current string of bad luck?
“I don’t feel too stressed about it for some reason,” said Stalberg, whose last goal was potting the overtime winner Nov.14 at home against Anaheim. “If it was last year (with the Toronto Maple Leafs), I probably would have. I know I can score goals. Hopefully when the first one goes in, more will keep coming. It’s been too long for sure.”
Ruutu looking to produce: Senators forward Jarkko Ruutu has just 2 goals and 8 points in 38 games played, which he feels isn’t enough for a team looking to turn a frustrating season around.
“I’ve been playing too much on the safe side, and I have to make an impact,” Ruutu said. “I still want to play my game, as always. I don’t want to change too much. But … less thinking, more skating, Recommend directory: Toronto Maple Leafs Blake Jersey.”
Likely goaltenders: Corey Crawford will get the start for the Blackhawks, who are looking to work their way up the Western Conference standings after starting the day in 12th place with 45 points. Brian Elliott will most likely start for the Senators again, as Ottawa coach Cory Clouston said on Thursday that Pascal Leclaire (lower body) isn’t quite ready to start despite practicing.

You don?t need 10% or 20% down to get a home loan

The rapid increase in home prices over the past couple of years have left many potential home buyers struggling to come up with their 10% or 20% down payment. If you live in a hot market like Los Angeles, Manhattan or Miami, you might be able to afford the monthly payments on a home loan but have a hard time coming up with the one time cash for a down payment.

If you can’t come up with a 10% down payment, home mortgage lenders are becoming savvy to your plight and have created many different solutions to help you get financing for your new home.

5% down is an option
One of the top ways to get home mortgage financing is with a 5% down payment. This gives most customers a huge break on the amount of cash that they need to purchase a home. In the past, 5% down home loans were only available through government funded loans like the Veterans Administration Loans.

Zero down and low down payments options
Now, many lenders including banks, credit unions and mortgage companies will work with their customers to offer low down payment deals. In addition, you can also do a zero down mortgage. In this case, the entire loan amount will be financed so your monthly payments will be higher than it would have been with a down payment. Also, your home mortgage lender might charge you a slightly higher interest for taking on the risk of approving a client without a down payment.

One of these methods will sure work for your so don’t hesitate to get preapproved for your home loan today.

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Designing a Luxurious Kitchen by Staying in the Budget

Even the luxurious kitchens are manufactured with a budget. Those house owners who like to build their kitchen area the manner they had dreamt of making it are desiring they could spend their money in smart expense decisions. If you have a modest spending plan, you may still include the finest things in your kitchen and design one in line with a sophisticated theme.

Evaluate a bit of the things you must have commenced with:


Countertops are the the first thing you have got to start with. They create a huge impact as someone enters the kitchen. The shade of the countertops has to complement the tone of the kitchen. You can actually pick marble, granite or some other stone for the countertops.

Accessories in the kitchen is much like jewelry. You need those attractive top quality items for adding a final touch to the kitchen. Whatever you decide to install needs to make its own significance in the kitchen.


An additional most outstanding element in the kitchen area is the cabinetry. Many individuals who like to help make their kitchens luxurious pick specialized all wood cabinetry. This intend to make their personal ambiance in the kitchen area must indicate uniqueness. With the custom made cabinetry, you can easily create your individual atmosphere in the kitchen. Have in mind the complete structure of the kitchen will be complemented by the cabinets picked. It might be the white cabinets or even some darker kitchen cabinets.

Usually people end up investing a lot of cash on custom made cabinetry nonetheless a great thing is that with strategic choices, you could save yourself some of your money.

Rather than using highly-priced material like oak cabinets or perhaps stainless-steel material all through the kitchen, you may use these kind of exotic material on only meaningful places to help you lessen some cost. Try spending more of your money on the walls the place your eyes go as you first enter the room. Rather than choosing highly priced material to place all over the place, you can choose to place products of spectacular finish in just very important areas. It is possible to opt for low priced elements together with expensive stuff to enable you to lower your expenses. Creating this kind of a blend enables you to make savings.

You possibly can also pick from the over counter cabinets if you do not possess a great deal of budget that you place order for personalized cabinets. Many sellers are offering impressive designs in cabinets which are also based on the current patterns. Nonetheless you can purchase the conventional ones too since they have always been a classical choice for virtually every kitchen.

Kitchen units

Do not invest a lot of money on the kitchen unit. A high priced design would mean adding a number of specifications in the unit and will demand you to spend a substantial amount of cash on getting things like kitchen sink, base unit, work tops and more. Don’t buy precisely very cheap units, you possibly can put in money in those that are moderate. Make absolutely certain that they’re installed appropriately and nobody would even recognize that you didn’t use up a great deal of money on the unit.

In the end, it all is dependant on finding the right countertops along with the most effective kitchen cabinets mainly because these are the things which could make your kitchen attractive. You can match your cabinetry demands by looking for the good quality cabinets at Here you can have your customized cabinetry designed as well. You can buy wholesale cabinetry and have customized cabinetry too based upon your choice and needs. Good quality at the best price will be in your own home.

Instead of acquiring brand new cabinets, it is possible to also get your current cabinets refaced and painted purely to make savings. See where you can reduce your budget to make every single thing affordable.

Four Less Cabinets?is an online kitchen cabinet distributor that carries an excellent selection of kitchen cabinetry, cabinet hardware as well as cabinet organizers. They are one the top providers of affordable kitchen cabinets online.

Home Staging Inspection At a Glance

We will start with the “hard” surfaces of the home first. You should check all walls for holes that need patching, etc. This is a must as buyers will shy away from repairs such as these. If you have chipped or cracked tile in your flooring then repair these right away as well. Your countertops should be inspected carefully for chips and cut marks. Cabinetry that is weathered or outdated can be “spruced” up with a bit of orange oil or painted out in a nice neutral color (use semi-gloss after you have used a stain blocker primer) this will freshen up the entire room.

The light fixtures in each room are crucial. The buyer will expect current lighting in the home they purchase. Are yours outdated? Is the lighting in your home “dim” and “dreary”?

Flooring must be inspected with a keen eye. Check hardwood flooring for scrapes and dents. Check carpeting for tears, shredding and stains. Are you still taking notes for your “to do” list?

Inspect very carefully your bathrooms for leaks, mold and calking. The baths should be in pristine condition.

Next check under all sinks for rusted pipes and leaks. This is a good time to remove all cleaning supplies, etc that you are not using.

The doors, including laundry and pantry doors, should be checked for proper closure. No scraping on the floors! The doors may need to be freshly painted or repaired.

On all built-ins check for “unstable” shelving and cracks.

This could take awhile but believe me it is worth repairing these items.

*for further details see us at for all of our Home Staging resource ebooks and our new Home Staging Business Start Up & Training Kit.

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