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Event Wristbands Bring Back Memories

In my younger days I loved going to concerts to see my favorite bands playing in a live venue. As a teenager in the 1980’s I was able to see performers like the Thompson Twins, INXS, Depeche Mode, Sting, Tears for Fears and Oingo Boingo. I loved being in the crowd and hanging out in the general admission areas where I could dance and sing along with the music. As the years went by I mellowed a little, and have a slightly different taste in music these days. I do still attend an occasional concert in an outdoor setting and have been interested to revisit some of the bands that were popular when I was in my youth.

A couple of years ago I saw Sting once more reunited with The Police and enjoyed a live performance by Cold Play when they came to town. With each performance I collect memorabilia from the night. I have held onto concert ticket stubs and event wristbands that have the date and name of the group that I have seen playing live in front of thousands of fans. I also have some of the band tee shirts that are sold at the concerts. Being able to look back at the past and remember the energy of the crowd is a thrill that still amazes me. Even though the music has changed and many of the musicians that I listened to as a teenager have gone on to do different things I can still remember the good times I enjoyed as I look through the collection of event wristbands and ticket stubs that I have collects over the years.

Being able to look at one of the brightly colored event wristbands and being magically transported back through time I can recall the sounds of the amplifier and the perfume of the date that I took to the concert. Helping to separate the crowds of spectators from VIPs to selected seating to general admission ticketholders, the event wristbands that are in use today are easily distinguishable from one another. Sorting out people into different sections of a theatre, open air arena or convention hall the use of event wristbands has taken the place of some of the ticket stubs that I once collected. In dance clubs and social gatherings the event wristbands are ensuring that everyone in attendance is where they are supposed to be. Used at all kinds of sporting venues and parties as well as for a range of different performances, the brightly colored event wristbands are still a great way for me to remember a night of entertainment that keeps me young at heart.

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What to Say to Get Her Back – These Words Will Sweep Her Off Her Feet

Did you know that knowing exactly what to say to get her back will help you more than almost anything else? This is why the fictional Cyrano de Bergerac was so effective. He knew what to say and how to say it so that it would melt the heart of the woman.

Most men are not overly concerned with words. They prefer action and feel completely out of their element when required to contribute to conversations in general. They find themselves even more tongue tied when it is something as important as winning back the heart of their lady loves.

Where should you begin when trying to find what to say to get her back? Start with the truth. Don’t hold back, don’t hide things. Tell her how you feel about her and why you feel that way about her rather than any of the other million or so women in the world. This does two things. First, it makes her feel your adoration. Second, it lets her know that it is her you feel this way about. It makes her feel special to you.

Women want to feel adored, appreciated, and special. If you can make her feel these things with the words you choose you’ll hold her melting heart in your hands before you know it.

But, is this enough to sweep her off her feet? Probably not. It’s an excellent beginning but she’s going to need a little more. What does she need from you at this point? She needs to know that you’re not going to take her for granted any more. She needs to be confident that you’re going to continue talking to her if she does allow you back into her heart and her life. In other words you can’t make this a one shot deal.

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Don't Skip These Crucial Improvements When Having New Siding Installed

Having new vinyl or fiber cement siding installed on your house is a
wise investment that will give you years of added beauty and durability
to your residence,but many homeowners miss this opportunity to save some
money and aggravation on other home improvements. The fact is there is
never a better time to upgrade other features that can be easily
addressed after the old material is removed and before the new vinyl or
fiber cement is put in place.

Upgrading Your House Wrap

air barrier between your home’s exterior walls and the interior is
sometimes referred to as a house wrap. This is a material that is
designed to keep drafts at bay and prevent moisture from collecting
within the walls and causing damage down the line. The lightweight,
synthetic material is easy to put in place when the exterior material is
taken off and minimizes the intrusion of moisture while improving your
home’s energy efficiency. By either adding house wrap or upgrading the
quality of it when siding contractors are installing new vinyl or fiber
cement, you can improve your residence’s energy efficiency and comfort

Installing Exterior Wiring Under Your Siding

is the prime time to add external wiring for outdoor lighting or
additional receptacles for a multitude of uses. Even if you weren’t
planning on immediately adding more illumination around your home, you
should consider adding new wiring in regularly used areas so that it is
available if and when you do decide to add fixtures a few years down the
road. By doing it when the exterior walls are open, you’ll save
yourself a considerable amount of time and money. If you improve your
front porch lighting or want to add a ceiling fan on the covered patio
in a few years, you’ll be glad that the wiring is already in place so
that you don’t have to cut into your beautiful exterior walls to do the
work. Adding additional, protected outlets on each side of your house is
also a good idea. You never know when you’ll want to add more holiday
lights, plug in some outdoor speakers or use an electric hedge trimmer.
Siding contractors or an electrician can advise you on other practical
locations for outdoor lighting or receptacles.

Beef Up Your Insulation

contractors generally suggest that homeowners consider adding new,
batted insulation to their homes whenever they have new siding installed
in order to improve the insulating qualities of the home’s exterior
walls. This is separate from the house wrap, which is the moisture
resistant layer.

Replace Old Windows With New Ones

contractors are installingvinyl or fiber cement on your house, you may
realize that your older windows aren’t looking as good as they used to,
and aesthetics is certainly a good enough reason to install improved
replacement windows, but it isn’t the only reason. Many homeowners
discover that after they’ve improved their house’s insulation and added
energy efficient fiber cement, they still have some problems with cold
spots or drafty windows. The solution is simple — replacement windows
that are more energy efficient. Adding them at the same time as you have
the insulation and siding installed means you’re improving your home’s
efficiency on all fronts, which can have a significant impact on your
fuel bills and your family’s comfort.

When you’re ready to
upgrade your home’s exterior with new siding, it always makes sense to
take care of other exterior improvements that are more easily done at
the same time.

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We at HousetoHome work alongside the same principle of life and thrive to add that extra bit of love to make your House a Home.
As the music becomes great when you add soul to that, food becomes delicious when you add a little spice to that so does your dream house becomes home when you add a little bit of your own touch to decorate it.

Home is not a place it’s a person to whom you keep coming back, A person with whom you feel most comfortable , A person you are in love with! And Tto make this love story unique you need to express yourself and decorate your house with furniture that will not only reflect your character but be in consonance with your inner self. You will then need to coordinate the furniture you choose to have with softs that will include curtains, cushions, rugs and carpets, table runners for your dining table, throws, comforters or even towels. You need look at every piece of furniture and every object as an individual sculpture and more importantly your furniture should be the culmination of all the different people you have been at different time of your life.

To begin with it is most important for you to assess the space available in each of your living areas. You need to know the measurements of your living room, dining area, bedrooms, lounge area, lobby area, study, etc. This will enable you to select the appropriate furniture for each of these areas. You need to have in hand the layout plan of your house when you go about selecting furniture for your house. That done let us now embark on helping you change your house to a home!

Let us start with the living area. You need a sofa set, a coffee table, a side table or perhaps two of them depending on the size of the area, at the least. Once you have these and have positioned them appropriately you may find that you could also do with a chest to enhance the decor and add style to the area. You may also like to add an ottoman or a puff to not only provide additional seating but also to give colour to your decor. Softs – curtains, cushions and rugs and carpets will give life to your decor. Once you have selected the furniture go ahead and choose the softs that appeal to your inner being and coordinate these with your furniture. In fact you could work the other way around, i.e. choose the softs first depending on the colour scheme you choose for your area and go on to coordinate the furniture with these. Importantly remember that your softs and furniture should also coordinate with the colour of the walls you have opted for.
Lighting in any decor is vital. Lights and lamps give your decor panache and gives it the mood you choose to have. Think of a lighting concept and then go ahead and choose a chandelier or a pendant that appeals to you. For your side tables choose a lamp. You would like to embellish your decor with glass vases & bowls. You may like to add a votive to enhance the mood of the area. For the walls you would like to have a wall decor and a mirror or two.
You can now picture your living area and embed it into your mind. This will bring a smile to your face! And Yes Don’t forget to add a little space for a book shelf because books often provides a new dimension to your decor.

We at House to Home?are here to help you create your own nest where you would like to come to after a hard day’s work.

Cooking And Grilling To Impress Guests

Grilling is one food preparation technique that is impressive and enjoyable, no matter what time of year. Most prefer to do so outdoors during the spring and summer months, utilizing an outside charcoal or gas burning grill.

Intense cooks may utilize massive built-in barbecues and cooking stations, but no matter what equipment you have available, you can create a delicious meal that will satiate and satisfy your family and friends. There is something so tasty and different about meat and vegetables that are cooked over a grill.

The flavor is unlike the type that one gets from using an oven, and it is one that can bring an influx of happiness and good feelings the minute one takes a bite. Grilling has enough become a refined technique, as many states hold annual or frequent competitions and fairs.

In order to polish your skills as a chef and grille, there are a few tips that one must use and understand first. Though almost anything that is thrown over charcoal will have that wonderful flavor, there are ways that one can make meats and meals taste even better.

Almost any experienced grille will tell you that most of the flavor and originality comes from the way that you marinate your meats. There are so many different styles and tastes that one can try, depending upon the type of food or meat they are serving.

Culture or ethnicity may even play into the dish, as different countries utilize different spices and liquids for preparation. First off, make sure that you have the best meat available.

This is one thing that you do not want to skimp or go cheap on; usually the freshest and tastiest cuts tend to be a little bit more expensive than subpar versions. When you are at the store, you may feel it is a good idea to stock up on the best ones ahead of time, just in case they are unavailable in the future when you wish to cook them again.

Doing so is easy if you know how to properly freeze and preserve them until you wish to use them. When you do purchase chicken, pork, beef, or fish that you plan to cook at a later date, try to seal them in vacuum bags to prevent them from experiencing frost bite from excess oxygen.

Meats that will be cooked within a matter of days may still need to go in the freezer until the night before they are to be used. However, those that will be grilled immediately or the next day will still be free of contamination if kept in the refrigerator.

Once you have thawed or prepared the cut, place it in the marinade that you have chosen. Some may include fruit juices or teriyaki, Worcestershire, or hot sauce. When creating this liquid to soak or brine the item in, make sure that you use the freshest ingredients possible.

If the recipe calls for herbs or vegetables, always purchase them fresh! It will make all the difference in the flavor and moistness of the grilled dish.

Always make sure that the equipment you are using is kept clean and free of debris or burnt-on food. Not only will this improve the taste, but it will prevent the objects that are placed on the grill from being contaminated, burned, or ruined.

If you do not have the use of outdoor equipment, there are still a number of in-kitchen grilling tools that will do the trick. Browse a home furnishings store and ask for help or consult the internet for reviews regarding which type will be the best and easiest to clean up.

Not only does this equipment make meats like beef and fish taste delicious, but it can have a great effect on vegetables as well. You can mix the two types on a kebab, or simply place corn cobs, potatoes, eggplant, and zucchini slices right on the slats.

Other creative ideas for things that can be cooked utilizing this method are pizzas, pineapple, fruits, or treats. Make sure that you always take proper safety precautions and that you are fully present and paying attention when at the grill.

Try to keep children away from the general area, especially if burning charcoal, which can create large flames and generate a lot of heat. No matter how you prepare and cook your meals, you can give them a scrumptious taste that your loved ones will never forget!

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Best Home Internet Business

From babies to motorcycles, everyone has a niche. A niche is a particular interest that you or someone else is interested in. When creating a successful business, you must pick a niche that you fell comfortable talking about and writing about. To have the best home Internet business, you must be able to become a pro, someone that people look up to in that particular niche.

The first reason why you should pick something that interests you is time. When creating an online business, almost all of your time will be dedicated that that niche. From writing articles, posting in forums or blogs, it will be the only thing you talk about or dream about everyday. Without an interest in your topic, you will find yourself get frustrated and quitting.

The next reason why you should start an Internet business with your interest in mind is awareness. Being aware of your competitors is one of the most important aspects when creating a business. If you know nothing about your niche, you will not understand what your competitors are doing, which will create less exposure and a decrease in sales. By picking a niche that is of interest to you, it will be easy to find your competitors, what they are selling, and how to compensate for their actions.

The third reason why you should pick a niche that is of interest to you is domination. In order to dominate in your niche, you must be willing to dominate forums. In this case, finding forums that are in your niche and gaining popularity. This will cause people to look up to you and generate more sales. Also, if you write articles, you must know what you are talking about. Anyone can see right through a liar, and it is essential that you understand your niche before implementing your business.

With these tips on how to find the best home Internet business, you should have better understanding on what you want to accomplish. Pick a niche that is of interest to you. Post in forums, blogs and write articles surrounding the niche. When you become an expert in your area, more people will become familiar with you, leading to more sales and followers. Remember to always research your competitors, write good articles, and set aside a certain amount of time. If done correctly, you will have a business that will create online success.

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Back Pain – Fact and Fiction

Back pain is very common. 8 out 10 people will experience back pain at some point in their lives. Possibly, because back pain is such a universal experience, many fictions as well as facts are available on the subject. In this article, we will examine fiction and fact. Then we’ll talk about some proven cures.


Slouching is bad for your back.

Actually, slouching is no worse than sitting straight. If you do either one for too long a time, it can strain your back.

Try standing frequently. Take breaks from sitting to move around.

Exercise is bad for back pain.

Whopper! Exercise is the best prevention and exercising through your back pain generally results in a quicker recovery.

Heavy lifting hurts your back.

Not true! It isn’t how much you lift but how you lift it. Let your legs do the work and don’t twist or bend your back as you lift.

Bed rest is the best cure for back pain.

So not true! Lying in bed can actually make the pain worse.

An extremely firm mattress is good for your back.

Fiction! Studies have shown that firmer mattresses lead to greater incidences of back pain.

Thin people don’t suffer back pain.

False! 8 of 10 people will suffer back pain. Even though our obesity problem is growing (no pun intended) 8 of ten people are not obese!

Back pain is always the result of an injury.

Again, this is fiction. Back pain can be caused by disease, disc degeneration or genetic conditions. Mattress firmness is best decided by sleep habits.


Overweight people are at greater risk for back pain.

Quite true! Staying fit and maintaining core strength are great preventatives for back pain.

Chiropractic adjustments can relieve back pain.

Also true! Physicians support spinal manipulation or massage therapy to relieve back pain.

Acupuncture relieves back pain.

Again, true! Physicians support acupuncture therapy for back pain. Yoga and autogenic relaxation techniques are also recommended.

Now that we’ve dispelled some myths and pointed out some facts, what are some of the top methods available to relieve back pain?

As master of the obvious, I can tell you that preventative measures such as maintaining a healthy weight and exercising regularly to maintain your core strength are key steps you can take to avert the problem of back pain entirely.

Having said that, if you are struck with back pain I recommend the following:

First and foremost, assess your back pain and decide if it requires a doctor’s attention or is it something you feel you can handle on your own.

Second, if you have decided on self-help, you have a limited number of techniques available to you and I recommend them in the following order of personal preference:

* Yoga – There are at least a dozen asanas (postures/exercises) recommended for back pain and many of them are described on various websites.

* Autogenic relaxation – Especially good if you attribute your back pain to tension and/or stress. These relaxation techniques can be ferreted out on the web as well.

Finally, follow through! Don’t expect to recover overnight. Follow the regimen you choose until you achieve results or you are certain the technique you chose is not working. If one technique doesn’t work for you, try the other. Perseverance is the key.

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Cooking And Meal Planning For Two

Most recipes feed between four to twelve people or enough to satisfy an entire family. When you are cooking for two, or you and your spouse, it can be difficult to find meals that will satisfy you without creating a large batch of leftovers that quickly go bad.

Cooking your own meals is a great way to save money on eating out and concentrate on healthy options, instead of fast foods full of sweets and fats. The benefits of having a small number of individuals to cook for is that you should not have to spend very much money on groceries.

However, this is only true if you do your best to create meals that are scaled to feed two with a small amount of leftovers. Otherwise, you may have containers full of refrigerated goods that could quickly and easily go uneaten and spoil in the refrigerator.

When browsing for recipes, try to find those that feed around four. This is usually enough food for a couple while maybe having a remainder to snack on the next day.

Very often, making meals for a couple is easier said than done; consult recipe sites for ideas. There are also quite a few different cookbooks that focus on cooking for two.

These can be found on online web pages or at your local bookstore. If you are not a connoisseur in the kitchen, make use of slow cookers or quick and easy options; you can definitely find tasty creations that take little time, energy, and preparation.

When you are shopping, purchasing the correct type and amount of items may be harder than it would initially seem. Many wholesale or surplus markets have low prices for family-sized portions, but provide tons of food that may go bad.

If you like to shop in this type of store for bulk and large-quantity items, do your best to find things that can be preserved in the freezer. It will be cheaper than buying frequent necessities over and over, but freezing them will preserve the items and keep them from spoiling quickly.

When your household is only made up of two individuals, you and your spouse, you may find it hard to purchase items in lesser quantities or sizes. This means that you end up coming home with more food than you really need.

Try to find canned items that can be restored in other containers and used at a later date after they have been opened. It will also be important to make use of freezer foods, especially fruits and vegetables.

Fresh vegetables are delicious, but they may go bad before you and your significant other are able to eat them. Getting the bagged varieties that are kept in the freezer can help you have an easy side dish choice for meals and also allow you the freedom of eating produce whenever you have any on hand in your freezer.

Those that tend to use stocks and broth in soups and sauces, but are unable to finish an entire can, have the choice of creating their own or finding a good measure to store leftovers. You may also just want to use bouillon cubes and add them to water, because they will offer more flexibility in quantity.

When at the grocery store, do your best to calculate for less; if the recipes that you are using require certain amounts, try to downgrade it to a portion that will easily feed two and go from there. Salads, fruit, nuts, and other items can be chosen according to weight and how much is necessary for you to have on hand.

Utilizing your freezer for prepared dishes and other items will really make all the difference. Not only will it give you easy options to cook that will last for a longer span of time, but you will also have stored food available in case of an emergency.

Every household should have a small amount of foods, both perishable and nonperishable, placed aside in the freezer or pantry for safe keeping. Including water and other supplies along with it is a great plan, as well.

Cooking and preparing meals for two does not have to be a hassle or produce tons of leftovers; as long as you use your calculation abilities to adapt to your favorite recipes, this process can be a snap! No matter how large or small your family is, there are always ways to provide for delicious meals and tasty baked goods.

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Top 5 Ways to a Healthy Barbeque for PCOS

Eating healthy
at barbeques for PCOS means having a variety of food groups in your meal:
proteins, healthy fats, vegetables and fruits, water and a limited amount of

Be sure to
have a balanced meal at the barbeque to avoid any blood sugar imbalances.

eating at barbeques this summer and fall are as easy as understanding the
correct portions of each food group in your meal.

For example,
you may have too many of one food group and leave out the rest, resulting in unbalanced
meals and an imbalance in blood sugar levels.

eating at social events requires planning and motivation to want to be healthy
for PCOS. For example, don’t go to a social function famished. This will result
in overeating the bad foods, such as chips, pretzels, crackers, bread, etc., that
cause a blood sugar surge. Instead, try having a small protein-rich snack
before going to the event.

If you are
someone that tends to go to social events and overeats on all the bad foods for
PCOS, then you are not following my top 5 suggestions.

Try these
top 5 suggestions at your next social event and afterwards see if you noticed a
difference in terms of how you felt at the event. For example, you may have
felt less fatigue, fewer cravings for carbohydrates and sugar, and spent more
time socializing and enjoying yourself as opposed to over indulging on bad PCOS
foods, leaving you feeling lethargic and moody.

Try following
these 5 simple steps at your next barbeque and see how you feel.

These are
the Top 5 Ways to a Healthy Barbeque for PCOS:

1.  Vegetables
are the one key ingredient that most people lack in their barbeques. It’s a
shame because that’s where we get most of out fiber intake. It’s very important
to load up your plate with all sorts of seasonal vegetables. Try grilling
vegetables such as peppers, tomatoes, onions, zucchini, summer squash,
broccoli, etc., with a little olive oil, salt and pepper.

2. Protein is equally as important as
vegetables, since this is what helps to stabilize your blood sugar level. This
is what people with PCOS should strive for. Try having a large portion of your
plate protein. This will help you feel more satisfied from your meal, thus
craving less of the bad PCOS food at the barbeque. You should feel more stable,
and experience fewer mood swings and blood sugar crashes.

3.  Water
is not to be missed. It’s very important that you keep your body hydrated throughout
the entire time at the barbeque. Be sure to have a large glass of water with
your meal. Adding sliced lemon or lime to your water gives it a little kick.

4.  Grilled
. Yes, grilled fruit is absolutely delicious and such a wonderful treat
to serve for dessert! Try grilled apples or pears. This could be very
beneficial for you because you are not creating a blood sugar surge that you
normally get from having cookies or cakes for dessert.

5.  Don’t forget your healthy fats. Most people get so scared when it comes to adding natural
fats to their meal. People have become so accustomed to buying everything fat
free, thus having very little natural fats in our diets. Trust me, there is no
way to make something naturally fat free, so please know that it’s probably
packed with ingredients that you can’t read. Healthy fat plays a very important
role in helping to keep us fuller longer. Try including some great healthy fats
in your meals by adding avocado, nuts and seeds, olive oil, sesame oil, etc.

these delicious ways of eating healthier at barbeques for PCOS. You will immediately
feel a difference.

you’re at someone’s barbecue or hosting it yourself, it’s very easy to follow
these simple steps.    

Now, isn’t that a great way to spell “relief” for

After suffering with Irritable Bowel Syndrome
(IBS), Hypoglycemia and Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), Randi studied
holistic nutrition, changed her diet and made lifestyle changes. She was able
to heal herself from these afflictions and is helping other people do the same.
Randi Cestaro offers tips for healthy eating in her e-book, I Healed Myself
from IBS and You Can Too!, available on her web site at If you would like additional support on Taking
Charge of your PCOS, please visit or e-mail Be sure to sign up on my website to receive PCOS
nutrition tips and information about upcoming PCOS events.

Time To Call The Experts For Any Kitchen Renovation

When it comes to kitchen renovation, there are plenty of normal do it yourself who love the idea of taking on a project like that, but kitchens are an entirely different beast compared to say changing out a roof or doing some normal renovations for a new bedroom. When it comes to the kitchen you’re talking about plumbing, water works, gas, electric wiring, and all kinds of expertise that goes beyond the DIY of all but the best experts.

Kitchen renovations are often done by experts because so much has to go into consideration before doing any type of change in a kitchen area. You don’t want cut electric wires or the danger of any short, leaking pipes, or heaven forbid gas leaks. With so much to worry about it can be hard to keep aesthetics and practical use in mind while balancing out safety. It’s a ton to keep straight all at the same time.

Even beyond that, it’s important to understand even if you can do the work solo; it doesn’t mean that you should. You don’t want to tear up the kitchen and take two months getting the revisions and renovations up and going…then hoping they work. Any experts you bring in understand the importance of getting the job done quickly and efficiently not only to keep you happy and keep their reputation intact but they want to get to the next job, as well.

Experience matters big time

When you are looking to hire professionals to give your kitchen a complete remodel, you want someone with a ton of experience. Not only do you have more faith in their knowledge and abilities, but the more work they’ve done on kitchens the more they know how to get the job done efficiently and without the headaches that could trip you up along the way if you try to do it yourself.

Convenience matters a lot, too

There’s no question that hiring the experts is the way to go. Remodeling a kitchen is hard, and that’s assuming that everything actually goes according to plan. When something goes wrong, or something becomes obvious as a potential future issue, there’s no question that an experienced professional will be able to handle it better than you will. That peace of mind is important.

Costs will vary

There’s no question that costs will vary based on the professional that you hire and the amount of work that needs to be done for your renovation. There is a huge difference between whether it is a small touch up or changing out counters versus a complete start over and remodel. What you are looking to revise your kitchen to can also make a huge difference as many modern designs will end up costing a lot more due to materials and specialty work as opposed to just the basic touch ups.

Between cost, expertise, and needing to make sure any job is done and done right, you want to deal with experienced professionals to make sure that modern kitchen ends up with the look, feel, and functionality that you deserve. Don’t settle for second hand work or risking the danger of seeing a job remain half finished. At the end of the day there is simply no question that kitchen renovations should be handled by the experts. You won’t regret that decision.

Visit for more information.