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Good Kitchen Ant Control Watching Every Possible Infestation Not to Spread

Ants are attracted to bits of food, so if you keep your counters spick-and-span, they’ll go elsewhere. Soapy water, or water mixed with a detergent is also an effective way to keep ants off your surfaces. Wipe your counters with a soapy sponge, and then dry them. The residual film helps keep ants away.

Get rid of ants in your kitchen by following these guidelines.

Follow the ants in your house for a few minutes. Try to find their entry points from a window, garden, door or crack in the wall into your kitchen.

Notice the trail that the ants follow. You will see that they all follow the same line. It will be important to get rid of these tracks as you clean.

Find the ant hills in your yard or sidewalk. Although it is not always possible to find where the ant colony is, finding it may help you get rid of the problem at its root.

Clean all the dirty dishes immediately. Dirty dishes in other parts of the house can make your ant problem move out of the kitchen and all over the house.

Vacuum your kitchen and anywhere else the ants have been seen. Not only will you pick up the ants, but also hidden crumbs.

Wipe your counters, cabinets and floors with distilled white vinegar regularly. This will rid your kitchen of ant trails and leave it even cleaner.

Kill Ants with Borax Solution

If your ant problem is too much for the aforementioned ant control methods to handle, you may need to resort to the big guns. Mix some Borax powder (a natural mineral) with an equal amount of jam or syrup and place where ants congregate. Ants will be attracted to the sugar and will feast on the mixture, but the Borax will get into their systems and kill them. This method means you’ll have a lot of ants for a short amount of time, but it should get rid of them for several months.

Borax has low toxicity to humans, but if you have small children or pets, you may wish to avoid this option.

Even if you have only a few ants, it’s important to get rid of them quickly before they become a bigger problem.

Mix a borax bait for your kitchen. Place 1 cup of confectioner’s sugar and 1 cup of borax in a bowl. Add water until you have a syrup.

Sprinkle borax along places where you see the ants traveling in your yard or on your sidewalk. You will need to reapply each time it rains.

Plant mint around the foundations of your home. This will discourage ants from trying to enter the home. Keep in mind that mint plants grow and spread quickly in a garden.

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Heaven?s Kitchen Came On Free Shipping

As a mother to two children and as someone who is very passionate about all things culinary, I recently joined the online community of food lovers and kitchen shoppers at And then I bought a kitchen from heaven. Well, not really a kitchen, but a kitchenware set that meets my needs as well as that of my family. I was so delighted at how affordable it was; the set even arrived on free shipping, right at our doorstep.

First off I got a ten-piece porcelain enamel nonstick cookware set by Rachael Ray (who is one of my kitchen idols!). This will come in handy especially on Thanksgiving, for which I am bound to be as motherly and grateful in my preparations as possible. Roast turkey, oyster stew, green olives, celery, pickles, cranberry sauce, snowflake potatoes, creamed asparagus tips, fruit cake, and French drip coffee (I’m drooling): I am determined to make this year’s celebration the most delightful we’ve ever had. (The only downside is that this potpourri can mean dishwashing horror.)

The set also came with a 14-cup coffee maker that includes a charcoal water filter. You have no idea how necessary this is to me; we’ve been enduring instant coffee for years now! This is perfect for my husband George, who will finally get a taste of the Yemeni coffee his backpacking pals had given him last month. I can picture him, waking up at six in the morning, rising early to make a cup for himself and for me. Oh, he loves his coffee; George is a caffeine addict who can’t get by a morning without a cup and a newspaper to read. Since he works at home, he’ll also have the fortune of free-flowing coffee all throughout the day.

I should mention that included in my purchase was an Oprah Magazine Cookbook, which also came in on free shipping. My daughter Alice will find that useful. Unlike most teenagers, she isn’t allergic to kitchen chores. Whenever I prepare dinner, she would usually position herself at the staircase and dutifully watch me perform. And whenever I watch the Lifestyle Network, she’d sit on the couch with me, absorbed in studying all those recipes. Like mother, like daughter? Not so, I don’t think; she may grow up to be a better cook than I am.

My thirteen-year-old son Harold will also be pleased with the kitchenware set. Why? He can now use the 3-Speed Control Hand Mixer, which I got by adding only thirty bucks, and which is powerful enough to mix multiple batches of cookie dough. Now all I have to do is post the chocolate chip recipe on the fridge, so that when Harold’s sweet tooth acts up he can address his hunger independently.

So I guess I am awfully glad to have been scouring the Internet for the best online deals on food and cooking. My kitchen from heaven came on free shipping – and my family, who are my angels, will doubtless be as glad as I am for this blessing.

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Organic Gardening In The Backyard ? Fun, Healthy, and Easier Than You May Think

Organic gardening, which is sometimes thought of as something out of the 60s hippie culture, has been steadily growing in popularity over the years. Not only can you find entire aisles of organics at the local supermarket, the number of specialty stores dedicated to organically grown foods has increased dramatically. Part of this popularity is due to an increasing understanding of the dangers associated with synthetic pesticides and fertilizers. Growing organically generally means gardening without these potentially dangerous chemicals. Many backyard gardeners are turning to organic methods as they realize how easy and effective organic growing can be.

Part of the reason chemical pesticides and fertilizers are so widely used is because they work well. In deciding to use organic methods in your backyard garden, you first will need to accept the fact that you will likely have more pest damage and lower yields than if you were employing chemicals. Many people are willing to make this trade off in return for the opportunity to harvest chemical-free foods for themselves and their families.

There are several different approaches and techniques used in organic gardening. You may find that you are using some of them already. If you have selected cultivars that are resistant to pests or drought, you are involved in one form of organic gardening. If you put out a scarecrow or bars of hand soap to keep animals away, this too is organic gardening. Compost is an organic fertilizer. Organic techniques are around in many gardens already. By utilizing them more and moving away from chemicals, you can improve the environment and lead a healthier lifestyle.

There are different levels of organic gardening and different reasons why people choose organic methods. Some do it because they do not want to harm any animals, even aphids or cutworms. So they try to develop a system where they can cohabitate peacefully, keeping insects and other animals out when possible and removing them or learning to live with them when other options don’t work.

Some people are not opposed to pest control and extermination but they don’t want to add any more chemicals to the environment or to the food that they eat. Others go organic as a means of getting back to a more historic, natural, and even challenging way of gardening. You will need to decide which methods match your personal philosophies and reasons for going organic.

Pest control and fertilization are two of the key areas to focus on with organic gardening. In addition to using native, resistant plants, mulching, and practicing crop rotation, the use of other natural methods of pest control and of compost and manure as fertilizer can go a long way toward creating a more organic garden.

Pest Control

There are many ways that backyard gardeners can control insects and other pests without the use of synthetic chemicals.

– Use mesh row covers to keep insects off of plants. They need to be removed from squashes, melons, cucumbers, peppers and other plants that require or benefit from pollinations during flowering.
– Collars placed around young plants will help prevent damage by cutworms.
– Allow natural predators such as ladybugs and wasps to assist you in your efforts by planting vegetation that will attract them to your garden and avoiding pesticides that harm them as well.
– Screens, cold frames and fences can help keep some insects and animals such as rabbits out of the garden.
– Aphids can be removed from plants with a strong stream of water. Hand removing insects such as potato beetles can be effective in small gardens.
– Weed your garden and turn the soil regularly to help reduce the growth of insects that like to nest in certain plant debris.
– Learn to identify the egg clusters of harmful insects and remove them immediately
– Use homemade insecticides such as garlic spray or other harmless pest inhibitors.
– Try using non-invasive methods of pest control including soap bars, cuttings of human hair, or an alert dog in the yard. These techniques may or may not be effective, but are worth a try before resorting to chemicals.
– Some home pesticides such as those that use rhubarb or tobacco plants can be very dangerous to humans and other mammals. Use caution and be sure you know what you’re getting into before you begin.

Organic Fertilizers

Of course you want your plants to grow quickly and produce large yields. However, chemical fertilizers are potentially harmful to those who eat the plants and to the environment, especially if applied too heavily and allowed to run off into water supplies and habitat areas. Using organic fertilizers can decrease the problems associated with chemicals.

Manure is a natural, effective fertilizer if used properly. Not only does it improve soil structure, it provides the nutrients plants need to develop. Manure that is allowed to age and decompose before use is most effective. Pasteurized manure is less likely to include active weed seed or harmful bacteria. Do not apply too heavily.

Create and maintain a compost pile to use as fertilizer. Not only does it incorporate the use of natural organic material such as leaves, lawn clippings and household waste such as potato peels and carrot stems, it also provides a free source of fertilizer and reduces the amount of waste that is hauled to landfills.

If you choose to use chemical fertilizers, use sparingly and choose a slow release variety that is less likely to leech into vulnerable areas.

Companion planting, which is the practice of putting together two plants that seem to benefit each other, has been offered as a means of enhancing organic gardening practices. It is thought that plants such as nicotina and marigolds are natural pest deterrents. However, there is no firm research to support this as yet. Still, many gardeners have reported success with this method.

Additionally, planting vegetables with prickly vines, such as watermelon or squashes around the perimeter of vulnerable plants may help keep out rabbits and other animals that don’t like the scratchy vines.

These days, many gardeners are

Get Lower Back Pain Relief

Lower back pain may have different causes than upper or entire back pain. The lower back serves a different role from the other parts of the back, as is it the sole support for the entire upper body. The lower back takes on the majority of the stress from everyday life and injuries. Bodies bend, rotate, and extend at the waist; the lower back is always a part of that process and is affected by most body movement.

Protecting the core and lower back are essential to maintaining healthy body movement. The most common causes of lower back pain are a lumbar strain or radiculopathy, nerve irritation, a bony encroachment, or any type of bone or joint condition, such as arthritis.

A lumbar strain is when the ligaments, tendons, or muscles of the lower back are stretched too far and become strained. The tissue tears usually as a result of overuse, although improper use or accidents are sometimes to blame. The most effective way to relieve and eliminate a lumber strain is to take pain medication and rest to allow the back to heal. Massage and heat therapy can help to soothe the pain. After the strain has healed, exercises should be performed to strengthen the area to prevent future problems.

Lumber radiculopathy because a problem after there has been damage to the discs of the back. More often than not, disc damage is caused by use in daily life. The discs wear down and allow for nerve irritation, and can sometimes cause a hernia. This type of condition is more severe and requires a more serious form of treatment, sometimes leading to surgery. Medication and rest are important treatments, but if unsuccessful, the patient will need surgery to remove the affected disc(s).

Basic nerve irritation can be caused by a range of issues, as the nerves spread a long way throughout the body. A viral infection and body encroachment can cause nerve irritation. Body encroachment results from anything that forces the movement of the lumbar spine. The movement of growth can crowd other spinal cords and nerves. Pain from body encroachment can be quite severe and even irritated by walking. Sometimes, the only useful treatment is to rest to relieve the pain. The most severe cases require surgery to remove a disc and release the pressure causing the pain.

Bone or joint conditions such as arthritis, scoliosis, or spina bifida can cause severe back and sometimes body pain. Scoliosis and spine bifida are typically birth defects that are indentified when the baby is in the womb. Arthritis can be genetic or the result of daily life. More serious bone conditions can require bracing to support the body and spine. Others are treated with heat and physical therapy, and rest. Arthritis can range from mild to severe, typically getting worse as the body ages, and can be treated with medication.

Lower back pain can result from something as simple as slouching in a chair, but sometimes the causes are more serious and require evaluation by a doctor.

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Finding Helpful Home Renovation Tips

Revamping a home is never a simple assignment. It takes a ton of arrangement and hard work to complete an out in the front home renovation. Plus that, a mess of cash and time is needed to guarantee a home renovation task accomplishes its reason. Because of the Online World, unpracticed homeowners can recognize countless home restoration tips on the net. Assuming that you have a speedy association, you are able to even see motion pictures of the last home outlines on the net. By being acquainted with the proposed guidelines you will minimize judgment blunders and expectation of activity washout. Provided that you’d such as to push your home, undertaking some much-required renovations can upgrade the worth of your property. Your real estate agent is a stupendous cause of exhortation about what sort of renovations positively make a divergence in the pitching value of your home. While some sorts of renovations are fundamental before putting your home on the business sector, others may be seen only as “cushion” that may look excellent, but aren’t significant for the for the most part uprightness of your property.

Home renovation tips are crucial for arranging a home renovation undertaking. While arranging, it is indispensable for a home manager to distinguish the purposes behind preferring to remodel the home. This is to guarantee that the activity is started with the right explanations and on account of the right visualization of the finished renovation. A different suitable tip could be to have a master review the house before it is revamped. An inner part architect or a modeler may have the capacity to accommodate the home holder here. This individual might as well have the capacity to give the home possessor cost gauge for the activity and additionally a clear plan about what ought to be finished. When beginning the venture, the home possessor might as well confirm the plan that he or she could would give anything to spend on the renovation undertaking to guarantee that enough supports are good to go and to avert him from running over the edge with his budgetary standards while over the span of the undertaking.

Different tips could be to employ a great and encountered the foreman to manage the home renovation venture. This builder can guarantee the value of the acquiring materials and thus the irrevocable conclusion of the venture. Home Renovation Tips can likewise be absolutely supportive in the midst of the post-arranging state. The aforementioned tips prepare home possessors to search out for what to do in the event that they contact situations or intrusions in the venture. They are able to likewise help them assess and screen the advancement of the home renovation venture. Again, these tips might be acquired from the Virtual World. There are a large number of sites that not just circulate home renovation tips but in addition offer home renovation instruments that might be utilized for the venture and housewares shops that push the aforementioned materials. In addition that, the proposed homepages may hold connections that steers guests to homepages that award contract and advance aids. The proposed utility might be of assistance to fund a home renovation task

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How To Get My Ex Boyfriend to Want Me Back After A Breakup!

I want to know how to get my ex boyfriend to want me back. Breakups are complicated, and a good number of us experience some bad ones in our lives. The depressing aspect is that not every breakup ought to be extremely bad; actually they are not supposed to be breakup in any way.

It is one thing to have a mutual breakup, both people can turn their back on the relationship feeling good about the decision and nobody’s feelings get hurt. It doesn’t always happen this way, for people who are in pain after a split up that they didn’t wish for initially it can be confusing to know what to do next.

There is still hope, if two people still have strong feelings for each other they can fix their relationship and reconcile. If people tried harder to fix the problems they had initially, there wouldn’t be nearly as many breakups in this world.

Avoid calling your ex boyfriend all the time and make sure that you give him some space.  This will make him to start missing you. If you are calling constantly he feels no need to want to reconcile with you or treat you with respect, he will not miss you yet.

When you’re trying to reunite with your boyfriend, it’s all right to take your time. You certainly won’t rebuild your relationship overnight because it wasn’t formed overnight. The good news is that there are many people that were able to win back their ex before it’s too late.

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Cooking with a Crock Pot?

Crock pot cooking has a glorious past! In grandma’s day the crock pot was called the slow cooker. She would load it up with roast beef and potatoes, or chicken and vegetables, and let it simmer all day long, filling the house with the delicious aroma. Crock pot cooking makes it easy to cook a meal to perfection. Tender morsels, rich sauces and broths, all combine in a meal that would have been difficult to achieve without crock pot cooking. Conventional cooking usually requires a good deal of time and energy, two things which are in short supply in this busy age. Most working people these days don’t have the time to stand around watching the stove. Crock pot cooking is the answer for old
fashioned nutritious meals. Throw a few good ingredients in the pot in the morning, and come home that evening to a tasty meal just like
grandma used to make!

Crock pot cooking is easier than ever before. Temperature systems and timing mechanisms allow precise control. Electronic safeguards allow cooks to put their minds at rest and go on with their day, knowing that the crock pot is doing what it’s designed to do. Some models are even designed to be microwavable, which is great for reheating leftovers. Cleaning up after crock pot cooking is made easier too! Surfaces are dishwasher-safe and Teflon coated, making clean-up a breeze.

Crock pot cooking has a glorious past! In grandma’s day the crock pot was called the slow cooker. She would load it up with roast beef and potatoes, or chicken and vegetables, and let it simmer all day long, filling the house with the delicious aroma. Crock pot cooking makes it easy to cook a meal to perfection. Tender morsels, rich sauces and broths, all combine in a meal that would have been difficult to achieve without crock pot cooking. Conventional cooking usually requires a good deal of time and energy, two things which are in short supply in this busy age. Most working people these days don’t have the time to stand around watching the stove. Crock pot cooking is the answer for old
fashioned nutritious meals. Throw a few good ingredients in the pot in the morning, and come home that evening to a tasty meal just like
grandma used to make!

Crock pot cooking is easier than ever before. Temperature systems and timing mechanisms allow precise control. Electronic safeguards allow cooks to put their minds at rest and go on with their day, knowing that the crock pot is doing what it’s designed to do. Some models are even designed to be microwavable, which is great for reheating leftovers. Cleaning up after crock pot cooking is made easier too! Surfaces are dishwasher-safe and Teflon coated, making clean-up a breeze.

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Kitchen Canisters An Overview

A wonderfully arranged kitchen is not only an individuals pride but looks systematic and beautiful. It is a personal choice as to how a person arranges the kitchens accessories. There are certain accessories which are utilized more often than others. Kitchen canisters are one such frequently used kitchen utensil sets.

Canisters provide an air tight atmosphere. These are used mostly to hold cooking ingredients and dried goods. Kitchen canisters do come in many different types. Some popular ones are as follows:
Stainless Steel

Apart from this classification, kitchen canisters come in different shapes, sizes and designs. On a lighter note, for a common man who is not well versed with kitchenware, the differentiation will be in terms of colors.

Placing the Canisters in your Kitchen Perfectly
Placement of kitchen utensils, jars and other accessories is an art. Even a small kitchen if utilized correctly can accommodate large accessories. You will be curious to how the placing was done. Actually, placement is such an art that if the accessories are dissembled, then first-timers wont even be able to assemble, like it was earlier. In terms of canisters, these are placed on the shelving or even placed on top of the counter. Canisters can be used according to the space available but the most important aspect is the placement according to the ease of handling.

Advantages of Different Types of Canisters
Not many people might be aware that plastic canisters are also available. Different types of canisters have their set of pros and cons and these are discussed as follows

Ceramic Canisters
Ceramic ones are easy to clean and look quite artistic.

Stainless Steel Canisters
These are highly durable and display a fresh shine even when slightly polished.

Glass Canisters
While cooking, there is possibility that you might have to put some strain on your brains to make out which canister holds what. This doesnt happen if you use glass canisters. These are easy to clean as well; they go nicely in a dishwasher.

Plastic Canisters
Like jars, canisters are very easy to handle and move.

Tips while Buying Kitchen Canisters
Checking the airtight capacity of a canister will be a good help.
Checking the capacity before buying is also one of the most important criteria.
Another aspect of the size of a canister you purchase is to check how and where it would fit in your kitchen.

Lastly if you are buying kitchen canisters via internet, try going for branded ones only.

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Perfection Of Kitchen Garden

There is nothing quite like having a kitchen garden where fresh herb plants can be grown to add flavor to dishes. It can also be a great hobby for the young ones in the family. A productive hobby, which could knock off grocery bills while also giving the convenience to reach out for the freshest ingredients such as herb plants. What’s more, children can have fun and learn valuable lessons while helping in the kitchen garden.

It’s not necessary to have a large space to make space for a kitchen garden. An individual can grow his own garden in flower pots, raised beds or just about anyplace where adequate sunshine is obtained while and also shelter from the elements. Pots can be placed in the verandah, terrace or in the backyard. Raised beds can be made on the terrace and in the backyard. Beds or quarries can also be made in the backyard. A platform can be constructed about 4 inches to 6 inches in height for vegetable creepers.

First of all the vegetables or herb plants are chosen that are used in daily cooking. For experimenting with the food, planting a variety of herb plants and vegetables are required. If a family enjoys salads then lettuce, spinach, cherry tomatoes etc should be planted.

Good quality seeds should be used for sowing. Special qualities of seeds are available in the market.

Cilantro leaves are commonly used in cooking or dressing due to its refreshing flavor and bright green color. Its leaves are tender and hence easily perishable. Hence it is best to grow them fresh in the garden so it can be used as and when needed. Select good quality seeds of about one cup for a bed of 6 * 3. The seeds should be placed on the hard floor and rubbed lightly with the sole of the slippers so as to split them in to 2 parts, being careful not to crush the seeds completely. The split seeds should then be sown in rows with distance of about 6 to 8 between them. Seeds should be evenly sowed in the prepared bed. After this the seeds should then be covered with mud. Organic fertilizer of about 10 lbs should be used and mixed with the mud. The bed should be watered through sprinklers daily. The plants should not be watered forcefully so as to avoid the collection of seeds at one end of the bed. The seedlings will show up in a weeks time.

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Child-Friendly Container Gardening

When container gardening, you may want to involve your children in the process. Children can benefit from being responsible for their own container gardens. They can learn about the scientific processes involved in the growth of plants and enjoy the rewards of caring for a plant when it blooms or bears fruit. Every child can participate in container gardening. Whether you live in the city or in an apartment building, all that you need is a container, seeds, sunlight, water and a little know-how.

Location is important when starting a container garden with your child. You need to start your container garden by choosing a sunny spot in the house. Generally, the best places are going to be close to the windows. If the weather is warm, a balcony or porch is an ideal location for container gardens. You can also use window boxes or planters if you do not have a designated outdoor space, but want to keep the possible messes that come with a garden out of the house.

Make your selections wisely. Not all plants can thrive in container gardens. Some plants require a more dedicated space for their root growth. While there are some plants that you would be better off having the professionals grow, there are plenty of other ones that will grow just fine in a container. You can generally tell whether or not a plant is going to do well in a container by reading the package that the plant seeds come in. Most seed packets will say right on the bag whether or not you should use those seeds in a container garden. If you are ever in doubt as to whether or not a seed will grow indoors or in a container, you should feel free to ask the garden center associate for help. It is also important to involve your child in this selection process. Allowing your child to choose what they will grow and having them play an active role in making the selection decisions will help them feel like they own the project and will encourage them to remain engaged in the process of caring for the plant.

Now you must help your child find the right size pots for the plants that they have selected. The general rule to keep in mind is that smaller plants can thrive in smaller containers and larger plants need larger containers. For example, herbs and small vegetables like baby carrots, loose-leaf lettuce varieties, and cherry tomatoes, can fit in smaller containers. Most medium sized planters (12″ square pots, or 12″ diameter round pots) can hold larger vegetable plants like tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, cucumbers, zucchini, and snap beans. The larger pots, such as planter boxes can hold a number of the plants mentioned above, or even larger plants such as eggplants, squash, corn, or even dwarf fruit tree varieties. Do not forget about hanging containers, they can be a great solution when space is minimal. These same sizing rules apply to flowers as well. For questions about individual plants or if you are unsure about what size containers are appropriate, ask the garden center associate (that’s what they are there for and a good nursery will have employees who are qualified to answer questions like this).

You can also have fun with your container garden by being creative when it comes to choosing the containers for your plants. Let your child think of some common items that you may have that would work as a plant container. Plastic or wooden crates, empty food containers or coffee cans, beach pails, baskets, outgrown shoes, a wagon, a toy box no longer in use, or a wheel barrow are just a few suggestions. You can also allow your child to paint or otherwise decorate their plant containers. Allowing them to personalize the container will help to keep them interested in the growing process when the plant is small and anti-climactic.

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