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Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back When He Just Wants To Be Friends – Proven Technique to Win Him Back

So you want to get your ex boyfriend back when he just wants to be friends? You still have strong feelings for him and want to win him back, right? If he tells you that he is not interested in a love relationship anymore but wants to be friends, you might want to turn him down at first. However, keeping him as friends will help you win back his heart. I understand that going from being his girlfriend to just friends is easier said than done, but it will help you win him back. You might feel that you will end up losing him for good, but it may not be so. Being friends with your ex boyfriend is a strategy to make him fall in love with you again.

Despite the fact that you might be able to get back your ex boyfriend by being his friend, you need to change your mindset towards the relationship. This is because the unforeseen is bound to happen. Most times, after a breakup, the man doesn?t want to have anything to do with the woman. However, being friends with him will keep the lines of communication open. You?ll be able to know his whereabouts and plans. Being friends with him will make you close to him even after the breakup and he will be free to share certain things that are happening in his life with you. You?re going to be like a trusted friend to him. This is going to give you an opportunity to know him better, and you will still be his most trusted friend when you both eventually reunite. True friendship is the basis for a lasting relationship.

The fact that he still wants to be friends with you show that he is not over you yet! So, you can capitalize on this, and work towards becoming his girlfriend again. However, his wanting to be friends with you might be for his own self-centered reasons. He might want to be friends with you so that you can feel better and not think of dating another guy. Therefore, you must take caution and avoid being too pestering. Don?t be always involved in his life, or else he is going to take you for granted. If he shares a problem with you, pay attention, but don?t render any solution. The last thing you want to do is to give him advice, because he might end up blaming you if it goes wrong.

Another way to get your ex boyfriend back when he just wants to be friends is to avoid saying negative things about his dating status. If he tells you about a new found love he recently met, don?t be weighed down but rather wish him the best. Also, if he tells you about a relationship that didn?t work don?t appear excited and try to go over to console him. Simply pay attention and  ensure you don?t react to it.

Mean while, trying to get your ex boyfriend back when he just wants to be friends is easier said than done. You?re going to be hoping for the day he will change his mind and decide to take you back as his girlfriend. This requires so much patient and courage on your part; however, if he means the world to you, it?s definitely worth it.

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Tips For Small Kitchen Makeovers

Thankfully with some creativity and elbow grease you can give yourself a small kitchen makeover and turn your currently small and crowded kitchen into a versatile and highly usable space that meets all of your needs! So how do you make the transition from small and crowded to light and airy? Here are some hints to help readers who are looking for help with their makeovers for small kitchens.

The easiest way to completely change the look, feel and usability of your kitchen is to put your appliances in new positions. This is the first thing any small kitchen makeovers expert will tell you: move the big things into manageable positions. If you do this correctly you could open up quite a lot of usable space! Remember to position your appliances in a usability triangle. You might also trade your old and wide refrigerator for a taller and narrower refrigerator. You might also trade your current standard sink in for a larger and over sized kitchen sink (the larger your sink, the easier you can store dirty dishes and food prep items). 

Another thing that most people who are researching small kitchen makeovers overlook is the use of vertical space. So many kitchen designers focus on horizontal space: counter tops, sinks, etc that they forget that vertical space is just as usable. When designing makeovers for small kitchens, consider installing taller cabinets for your dishes and food items. Some small kitchen owners install kitchen cabinets that extend all the way up to the ceiling! To keep these cabinets from overwhelming your space, consider using cabinets with glass or clear plastic doors. This helps the space look more open and usable (and can save a lot of time searching for the right spice or serving dish).

Instead of a free standing kitchen table, have a corner booth installed. This will open up half of your dining space for storage you can even build a table that has shelving units or drawers below the tabletop to help you store larger or lesser used items. Heck, with a nice tablecloth you could rest your tabletop on top of a filing cabinet and small bookcase and nobody would know! So many people overlook the kitchen table when they work on their small kitchen makeovers. Don’t be one of them!

Finally, when working on makeovers for small kitchens perhaps the most important detail to remember is that less is better than more. Let your appliances and utensils serve as decorations for your counters and exposed walls. Don’t try to over crowd the space with superfluous items that you do not need. Consider washing a pan out and using it again while cooking a meal instead of using two pans of the same size!

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Gardening to Attract Birds

When planning a garden or yard design, deciding what type of tree, bush, flower, or even vegetable plant can and does make a difference in which birds visit, or call your garden home.

Wild birds need cover and food, by choosing the right cover and the right food for their preference you will attract the birds you want to see, and give them the perfect gift.

Fruit for migration is important for migrating birds in the fall. Most bird distributed fruits are red, making them easy for birds to see. This is a welcome sight for migrating birds and definitely should be considered for your garden planning.

You can choose a variety of shrubs that fruit at different times of the year to provide a continuous supply of food. Good examples are Highbrush Blackberry, Eastern Redcedar, American Elderberry, Wild Rose, Dogwood, Holly, Creeping Juniper, and Beautyberry. However, there is an almost endless variety to choose from. So take a trip to your nearest plant nursery and start asking questions pertinent to your own particular area of the country.

Also, by having bushes and dense shrubs that have different heights, you provide the preferred cover for many birds. This adding of plant level heights gives different wild birds more leaves, branches, and underbrush to feed on insects. This is very important as most birds feed on insects at least part of the year. Thickets grow rapidly and have thriving insect life to attract many birds, especially smaller song birds. They are also the perfect place for many birds to nest build. These shrubs are well covered with protective stems that deter large birds and rabbits, but are favored protection for many smaller species such as Wrens, Tree and Song Sparrows, Juncos, Yellow-Breasted Chats, Yellow Warblers, Rose-Breasted Grosbeaks, Cardinals, Brown Thrashers, and many more.

Along with the right shrubs and bushes, look to the best trees for attracting birds you want to see. Trees can be used as wind breaks to protect your yard area from high wind, and for many species a tree you choose will be used to nest in or to feed in.

Some good examples would be as follows:

Sugar Maples have two winged fruit and many large branches for nesting. The American Robin and White Eyed Vireo frequently nest in its branches. Also, it provides much foliage for other birds to eat insects from, such as the Oriole, Wrens, and Warblers.

White Oak Trees develop small brown fruits/acorns. These large spreading trees attract Northern Flickers, Blue Jays, Red-Headed Woodpeckers, and other acorn eating birds.

Hackberry Trees are deciduous native trees that grow in drier areas and produce fruit that persists into the winter. This tree is favored by the Cedar Waxwing.

Pine Trees are perfect for Flycatchers, Carolina Chickadees, Nuthatch, and many others.

Hawthorn Trees have rounded red fruits that attract many birds including, grosbeak, thrush, purple finch, and robins.

Attracting special birds such as hummingbirds takes a whole different approach, as these birds need the nectar of flowering plants.

Hummingbirds can be attracted to your yard by planting Summer Lilac, also called Butterfly bush, Trumpet Vine, Scarlet Lobellia, the nectar of columbine, and bee balm plants.

Whatever your choice, a good birders plant guide and a visit to your local garden shop can make the decisions surprisingly easy. Good luck, and enjoy the wild birds around us.

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Work at Home – growing @ the speed of thought!

Work at home based opportunities offer great many conveniences. A situation where you do not have to commute to your workplace, was something unheard of till a few years back. And now according to some leading Govt Journals “Home Based Business entrepreneur on an average is making $40,000 to $200,000 p.a. through legitimate means” is no mean feat
in itself! Most multinationals and Government Houses in America and across the developed countries are realizing that 70% of office work is such that it can be done from home. The paradigm shift is already happening.
Its a win-win situation. Its working out to be more cost-effective for employer and brings in obvious conveniences to the employee. Employer saves on administration costs (office space to electricity bills).And employee can be home with family, saves time, traveling expense and earns their living working from home.It can be easily concluded that work at home business is an opportunity that has hit the bull’s eye! Its the most logical outcome considering pace at which the commercial scene across the globe is changing.
From Grocery Shopping to Super Malls to Shopping Online… we’ve come a long way!

The author is Purva Mewar webmaster of two Work at Home Business websites. and

Stainless Steel Kitchen

Since the art-deco period stainless steel kitchens have been high in fashion. Many people find the clean, clinical look of to be very modern. In a kitchen of this nature you might find; worktops, tiles or sinks and taps. There is a multitude of available options. It is also a very popular type metal for a variety of reasons, apart from being aesthetically pleasing, it is also relatively low-cost. It has a very high level of durability so only rarely have to be replaced. They have a high strength to weight ratio meaning that they are strong yet still light, which is important in appliances that need to be carried from one place to another. They can also easily be cleaned, simply with a quick wipe down.

Kitchen Worktops

Stainless steel is very practical in kitchens; it is a highly hygienic metal due to its anti-bacterial properties and can be cleaned easily, with a quick wipe of the surface using a liquid soap. It is also practical for kitchen worktops because it is heat and water resistant.

Kitchen Tiles

People often choose stainless steel tiles because they are resistant to rust. The style is popular because of the way the tiles bounce light around the room, this creates the illusion of space and enhances the light. The look adds to the kitchen and can instantly modernise any room. Many people feel that this type of kitchen tile paired with black or dark brown give an elegant, timeless look that can be brightened with large windows and glass panelled cabinets.

Kitchen Appliances

These give a kitchen a smart, high-end feel, they update a room without having to re-do the entire decor. The stainless steel colour matches most design schemes. These are impervious to rust and easy to clean. Most people that spend extra money on stainless steel appliances find that they are actually somewhat cost effective because they do not have to frequently replace them.


All of these products can be recycled. Despite this type of kitchen being durable and therefore lasting a long time, they are also 100% recyclable. They are normally in good condition before they are recycled due to their resilient nature, meaning that they are recycled at good value. They can be welded or melted without changing any of their properties. This means that it is useful in the ecological battle, making it a very sensible choice for kitchens or kitchen appliances.


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How to Add 20 Yards to Your Drive

The first thing you can start with is identifying what it is in your swing that you can improve in order to hit the ball better which will result in longer more accurate drives. After all that is what every one of us wants when we go out on the golf course.

If in the event you have being battling with a hook or a slice for a long period of time, then what I am going to suggest may take you a little time to implement but if you stick with it you will get results. As always when you incorporate something new there is a tendency to have mental resistance. This resistance can give you the urge to go back to your old swing.

Many people in this case settle rather than constantly strive to improve their game. On the other hand if you are serious and want to constantly improve then you know in your heart of hearts that you will constantly be adapting and improving your game. The game of golf will always be challenging and that is why I personally enjoy the game. So now that we have addressed that fact let’s move on to how we can get more distance off the tee.

The first thing you need to do is relax the swing, if you are tense you will create resistance which will result in loss of energy taking power of your swing.

Secondly slow down your swing, the point of impact is very important, if you do not connect with the ball properly then you are going to lose power and possibly hook or slice the ball. By getting the hook or slice out of your game you will automatically add distance to your drives by as much as 20 yards or even more depending how bad it is.

Another important aspect of the swing is the path the club takes at impact. Take your club back low and slow using your bid muscles such as your shoulders and arms rotating around your spine, on the downswing in the case of a right hander your left knee will initiate the downswing, followed by a full shoulder turn. Keep the shoulders down if you pull up you will run into all sorts of problems.

Balance is very important; in effect it helps you to maintain your center of gravity. This provides you with a solid foundation of support and once this is achieved you will reduce your postural sway, rotate your hips get in the shoulder turn and powerfully strike that ball.

In conclusion, keep it simple, make sure you are balanced, get your shoulders turning and relax.

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Corporate cooking classes A fun and enjoyable staff incentive

Staff incentives are proven to enhance the quality of working life
for staff, either by rewarding their efforts or by adding value to a
contract of employment. As an employer, you may understand that you can
use corporate incentives to retain existing staff, persuade staff to
join your business, boost productivity by focusing employees on
achieving targets, improve teamwork and boost morale, loyalty and

The problem for many employers is not whether or not
to offer staff incentives, but how to find original corporate gifts
which will actually appeal to a diverse collection of staff. An
increasing number of businesses are moving away from dull corporate
gifts and offering unique experiences which staff actually want to work
for; experiences which can be personalised by each employee for a
useful, enjoyable and original gift. If you want your corporate gift to
show you and your business as fun, original and on-trend, look no
further than s gift card for a cooking class.

Whether you are
looking to plan a lunchtime or evening event to reward a group of staff,
or whether you want to give individual gifts, cooking classes offer a
unique reward which will appeal to every single employee. Corporate
cooking classes provide a group activity which is not only going to
reward staff, but benefit your place of work by boosting communication
and teamwork skills in a way like no other corporate events in London.
While cooking class gift cards give employees the flexibility to choose
their own cooking class menu on a date and time that suits them.

cooking classes taught by expert chefs are exciting and informative,
offering you an improved team for the workplace, and new recipes and
cookery skills for employees to take home. Choose a top cooking school
with state-of-the-art kitchens and stylish dining areas to really
impress, and ensure your corporate cooking classes are arranged by a
venue which is experienced at dealing with corporate groups and planning
events. Your London cooking school may even host challenges and
competitions to motivate each group member to work as a team, or enable
you to create inter-departmental cooking competitions.

If you are
looking for individual gifts for staff, gift vouchers for cooking
classes can be purchased from top London cooking schools. Topped up with
any financial value you like, your gift voucher will allow the
recipient to choose a class or classes which appeal to them, whether
they want to share the voucher and enjoy a relaxed afternoon cooking
with a family member, a quick 30 minute class to add interest to their
lunchtime or attend a masterclass to perfect their existing culinary
skills. With a wide range of themes and globally influenced menus
available, there really is something for everyone. Gift vouchers for
cooking classes allow you to reward staff with a fun and exciting
experience which will offer an incentive to work hard time and time

Latelier des Chefs
offer 250 fun and relaxed cooking classes every month with a range of
themes and lengths so there is something for everyone. Whether your
staff are expert cooks or complete novices , they will all enjoy this
original experience. Cooking classes from Latelier provide an effective
staff incentive which will appeal to every member of staff.
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Kitchen Backsplash Options

To keep your kitchen countertop looking neat and tidy, a backsplash is essential. It receives the accidental splashes of oil and dirt from your cooking activities. Cleaning the backsplash must not be difficult so that you won’t be encumbered every time you clean it. This is one great advantage of having stainless steel backsplashes. Due to their repellant properties and smooth finish, cleaning them is an absolute breeze. The internal structure of stainless steel is designed in such a way as to be highly resistant to water and dirt.

Stainless steel backsplashes also make your kitchen look bright and roomy, due to their smooth and shiny finish. If you want to enhance the clean and professional look of stainless steel countertops, install a stainless steel backsplash and you will have it done. It is very easy to maintain and its service life is exceptionally long.

Backsplash Designs
Stainless steel backsplashes come in more designs that just plain stainless steel. You can jazz up the look of your kitchen by installing SS backsplashes designed with checkerboards, diamonds and simple patterns on their surfaces. Some designers have also accentuated their SS backsplashes with marble and glass. They have a more artful look than ordinary backsplashes. Different kinds of surface finishes are also possible such as satin or matte finish. These types of finishes exude a more modern look.

Before installing the splashboard you need to measure the area where it will be fitted. Cutting of the stainless steel sheet follows giving certain allowances for the trim. Any wood backing can be installed at this stage.. This is where the SS backsplash will be attached. Then the cut stainless sheet is glued to the wall using silicon caulking. An alternate way is to screw it into the wood backing.

Advantages and Disadvantages
Stainless steel backsplashes are very popular because they have a very clean and modern look. They are also very low-maintenance and highly durable. Water and dirt don’t just easily stick into their surfaces. However, stainless steel remains to be one of the expensive materials available for this purpose. But for many people, the finished result is well worth the investment.

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What are the various kinds of projects that can be undertaken for Home Improvement?

When it comes to home improvement projects there can be no end to the various ways by which one can increase the value and look of a house. With an increasing number of home owners experimenting and opting for makeovers consistently, there are diverse options available in the market for improving one?s house at highly cost effective and stylish ways.
Whether you want a modernistic look to your home or want to change its style to something more classic there are a variety of ways by which you can alter and enhance the appearance as well as the value of your home through home improvement projects. The following section will help you in understanding the various kinds of projects that can be undertaken for home improvement:
? Door and window replacements ? As commonplace as they may seem the doors and windows of your home can make a very strong impact on its appearance as well as its functionality. By opting for energy efficient, composite doors and windows which are available in a wide range of styles and pattern you can change the whole look of your home as well as decrease your electricity bills. 
? Landscaping ? If you have a garden in your home you can optimize its use in various ways by including a seating area, adding fountains and a gravel path as well as including plants that bloom throughout the year.
? Adding conservatories ?A conservatory is a glass walled unit that is an extension to the garden area. Investing in a conservatory for your home is one of the best ways to create extra space as well enjoy the comforts and luxury of open plan living. 
? Painting ? This is one of the simplest ways to enhance the looks of one?s home. Choose colors that are long lasting and compliment the interiors of your residence.
? Upholstery ? Instead of replacing your furniture changing the upholstery of your bed, sofa, chair, and ottoman is a very economical way of giving your house an instant face lift. You can choose a beautiful fabric for the covering, a better spring system and quality cushioning as well as stylish frames.
? Flooring ? There are a wide range of flooring options available in the market at highly affordable rates and you are sure to find a material and design that will compliment your taste and the looks of your home beautifully.
Working on a home can be a very rewarding as well as satisfying task and once a home owner gets involved through home improvement projects there is no dearth of makeover options in the market which are stylish as well as reasonably priced.

Fiona Livnat is an author with expertise on varied subjects. She has over ten years of experience in writing.Her commitment to help people is reflected in her writing. For more details please visit home improvement.

Outdoor Kitchen Island

People who love to cook often dream of having a luxurious kitchen, especially one in the backyard of your house can sure be the perfect place to escape under the wide open horizon. The kind of space that an outdoor kitchen offers gives the cook a freedom and expression that is visible in the cooking. A kitchen island can save you the hassles of masonry, plumbing and the chaos of construction. A kitchen island is the next big remodeling rage in the popular open-spaced houses of the US, especially of the Orange County.

In todayâ??s times, when most of the people donâ??t get to spend quality time with their family and loved ones, an outdoor kitchen can solve that problem as you can cook and simultaneously catch up with each other. While choosing an outdoor kitchen island, make sure you have your requirements listed as the kind of variety in terms of shapes, sizes, colors, material, etc. can all lead to a mixture of demands.

An outdoor kitchen island is a prebuilt block, like a modular kitchen, that is properly spaced out with cabinets, refrigerators, dishwashers and all the other necessities of a kitchen. It has a space where the gas can be installed or it might come with one already. An outdoor kitchen island is an already constructed structure that gives room for a lot of expansion. With the evolving technology, outdoor island kitchen designs include a sitting area that might be simple or designer. A lot of additions can add sparkle to your kitchen island as well as your cooking experience. An outdoor kitchen island can be given a bar look with tall chairs or a relaxed look with patios and umbrellas.

A plethora of colors are made available to suit your already constructed space. You also get a variety of materials to choose from- tiles, marble, stainless steel, wood or the ones that are prefabricated. You can spice up your life by adding something extra to your outdoor kitchen islands and enjoying a lifetime of a great cooking space that is not only enjoyed by the cook but also the ones who eat. Also, an outdoor kitchen island can be an absolute hit when you host a party. While the guests get to see the food cooked, they also get to appreciate in the marvel that you have spent and the comfort that your kitchen island makes you feel.

An outdoor kitchen island can very much be built according to your own needs if you permanently want to invest in it, otherwise the option of prefabricated islands is available to those who might have other plans in mind for the future. Both the options are viable and worth spending for. While a prefabricated kitchen island will cost you less than a permanent one, their increasing demand are making the companies competitive and slashing their prices. But if you are an absolute fan of cooking and it gives you the much needed relaxation after a tiring day, and if you are a social animal and you love to throw bashes at your place, an outdoor kitchen island is one sure thing you should have.

If you plan to change or move out of your residence in the near future, it is advisable to invest in a prefabricated kitchen island because it is prebuilt and can be installed anywhere in a very short span of time and save you from the hassles of construction while a permanent one will be immovable. Both will surely add to the value of your house as well as your lifestyle.

The American lifestyle, as that of the Orange County people gives them the space and luxury of time to invest in such beautiful masterpieces. People of the Orange County are fond of relaxing in the sun, by a pool or just sunbathing and nothing better if you can do that sitting at home right next to your kitchen island with a constant availability of food. Orange County has cities which are popular for their luxurious houses and they make a perfect space to have an outdoor kitchen island. The Orange County cities of Newport Coast, Seal Beach, Rancho Santa Margarita house the most beautiful outdoor kitchen islands that give an edge to their beautiful mansion while adding charm to the entire experience of cooking and togetherness.

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