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Kitchen Flooring Options

Currently, anything goes concerning kitchen floors. In the old days, there were basically two choices, tile and linoleum. Today, we see hardwood, linoleum, cork, laminate, and many different types and style of linoleum.

Let’s start by looking at what does NOT work well for most people’s kitchen floors.

Cork flooring is all the rage today, but it’s not a very good choice for kitchen floors in most cases. Although its surface is treated, it is just too porous, and if you have kids or a dog rummaging through the kitchen on a regular basis, forget about it. It is not durable. In other parts of the home cork flooring is very popular and it’s very easy to install. In most cases, snapping squares together is all that is involved.

Marble tiles are beautiful but still a better choice for bathrooms. Smooth / or polished marble is very brittle and not durable. Marble is a rock, but most people don’t realize how brittle it is, and at up to $15 per square foot it’s too expensive to replace if something happens. “Tumbled marble” looks great, but it’s far too porous for the kitchen. As you could actually spill coffee and wine on polished marble, it’s not a good idea for tumbled marble that does not clean up as well and can absorb stains. Breadcrumbs would find their way into every nook and cranny too.

Some types of hardwood; Be mindful of the seams between the hardwood planks. Wide seems and gaps will collect crumbs which may be cleaned via shop vac, but heaven forbid something sticky gets down in the cracks. If you are looking at hardwood for the kitchen, choose hardwood that goes together with the smallest seams possible.

What selections work best in the kitchen:

Laminate flooring used to get a bad rap, but it is highly improved today. Laminate, actually a “picture” of real wood, will fool quite a few people today, and the layman cannot distinguish between laminate and real hardwood. Laminate is absolutely our # 1 choice for large families and those with pets. Your kids can slop jelly bread on the floor, the dog can overturn it’s dish, and your husband can drip paint all over the floor and most laminates will laugh it off. Before you turn you nose up at laminate, go out there and see what’s available. You will be pleasantly surprised.

The old stand-by, tile. Most tiles are either ceramic or porcelain. “Porcelain” does not mean the tile looks like your smooth white toilet. It comes in all the shapes and sizes of any other tile. All you need to know is porcelain is much more durable that terra cotta or ceramic tile and will pass the bowling ball test. If you drop a bowling ball on ceramic tile, several will crack and need to be replaced, where porcelain will probably be just fine. You will find porcelain to be about 25% more expensive than most ceramic tiles though.

Tile cleans up very well with the exception of the grout lines. Grout lines are a stain and dirt magnet. Make sure you double seal your grout lines, and clean and reseal them every 2 or 3 years. Unlike your tile, your grout will eventually absorb stains. Clean grout lines will give the kitchen a very clean and polished feel while grungy grout can be a dark cloud over your kitchen.

We are putting hardwood in both categories because some will work in the kitchen. 3/4 inch hardwood, or engineered hardwood can work just fine in the kitchen if the seams are very tight and you don’t mind a few inevitable scratches and nicks. The final word on hardwood is its “hardness.” Most hardwoods are compared and ranked against “oak” or “red oak” as a measure of hardness. Make sure you buy a hardwood that is no softer than oak if you have an active family. For example, dog scratches will plague all but the hardest of hardwoods.

Finally, let’s look at linoleum flooring. OK, a top New York City interior designer still will not be caught dead using laminate, and it gets a bad rap. However, like laminate “hardwood” flooring, it is very much improved. Unlike laminate, linoleum won’t fool too many people, often designed to look like ceramic tile, but noting beat’s it in terms of cleanup and durability. If you are putting your money into a granite countertop and new appliances, a linoleum floor is just fine, and will last for many years with minimal effort. As the cheapest option, it will be there for you if your budget is squeezed.

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Five Ways Using Real Estate Yard Signs Can Help You Sell Your Home Quicker

Typically, there is one of two formats for the sign’s contents that relate.  Either the sign states that your home is “For Sale by Owner”.  Conversely, if a real estate agent is taking care of the selling, that sign will announce that your home is for sale by the particular company that the agent works for.

Remember that placement of that sign is a critical aspect of selling your home.  In other words, more than one sign may be a wise decision based on where your home is situated in your block.  If you live in a corner home, then it is recommended that you place one sign in the front yard and one on the side of the home that faces the side street.  If your home is situated within the block and corners are not a factor, then a single sign facing the street and visible to traffic traveling in either direction will probably work.

Will you sell your home faster using real estate signs in your yard?

Depending on how much you are willing to spend on advertising the sale of your home, putting a real estate yard signs will help you sell your home faster:

-    They attract more attention to your home then if you just have it advertised on the internet or in the newspaper (a good recommendation here is to advertise the home all three ways â?? internet, newspaper, and signage on the property)
-    They inform passersby that the property is for sale or is the property that they read about online or in the newspaper
-    They tell people the price of the home (in most instances) which immediately let’s the looker know whether or not the home is in their price range
-    If the home is “For Sale by Owner”, having information on the sign such as your telephone number gives the prospective buyer a contact so they can speak with you directly
-    They are the most cost-effective method of advertising you can invest in

For more information on real estate yard signs or to ask any questions, please contact Super Cheap Signsâ?¢ today.

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Buying Auto Parts from a Missouri Salvage Yard

Buying parts from salvage yards in Missouri is a great choice for all your parts and accessories that you might need for your vehicle. When buying from a salvage yard it is not only good for the environment but also good for your pocket, especially if you?re on a budget. They feature all top brands such as BMW, Ford, Porsche, Tapta and much more. The best way to buy a used part or accessory for your vehicle is online. You?re able to search for salvage yards and auto wreckers that specialize in the parts for your vehicle. Use advanced search engines and find yards in your area that have the part that you need. This feature allows you to also search by the year or make of the car the salvage yard?s name or the parts you?re trying to locate. This makes it fast and as a bonus it?s also free to use this method. There is also the option of you placing request to a and they will contact you when they have the part or if they don?t have it in their inventory.

Search through thousands of salvage yards through the online directories hat are available. There are places like PR Factory Store in Raytown, MO, and Plesser Racing also in Raytown. When you buy the part online you have the option of never leaving your home and do your shopping. This can be great considering the wide range of parts and prices that you will have available to you.

Fill out a part request at Missouri salvage
If you’d like to get a great deal on a quality used
auto parts.

Fast-Moving Popular Parts At A Salvage Yard

Salvage yards are known as the place for quick, easy, and cheap deals for entire vehicles, automobile parts, and accessories. There are however some parts that will move faster than others, and business owners relish in these parts, since they are the main reason that their businesses stay afloat, in tough economic times.

Popular automobile parts at salvage yards

Salvage yards do not sell new parts, those customers looking for new items are not considered as a part of their clientel. Used parts instead are what they offer, and the most popular parts include bumpers, lights, seats, alternators, and radiators.


These move very fast because of the many fender benders that take place everyday. Bumpers are not only popular for those who have been in accidents, but also for those who restore vehicles.

Headlights and Taillights

These are also popular because of fender benders, but moreso because they do not last forever, and are prone to regular malfunctioning of the bulbs contained in them.

Automobile seating

Seats may not seem like they are a popular item, because we may keep ours for long periods, but they in fact are. Regular changes need to be made to automobile seating in vehicles in which there is much wear and tear, but the bulk of seat buyers comes from those who are buying seats for restoration of an old vehicle.


The alternator converts energy from the battery to start the engine of the vehicle. The alternator and battery are closely related, so often when there is an apparent malfunctioning of one, both are usually the culprits. Alternators  have to be replaced often to ensure the smooth operation of your vehicle.


Radiators are responsible for the correct temperature of the engine in your vehicle. Radiators are very tricky because they often malfunction in bad weather, and have to be replaced. Altough a popular item at salvage yards, when replacing your radiator it is best to go with new ones, since used radiators often come with problems of their own.

Replacing automobile parts is much cheaper when the parts are obtained from salvage yards. This is a popular practice evidenced by the fact that many parts sold by salvage yards are fast moving. Although the practice is popular, there are times when it may not be the best option for your vehicle. The objective of wise vehicle owners, should be to buy quality parts that will save money in the long run, and while these can be obtained from salvage yards, this is not always the case.

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Kitchen Decorating Ideas

Choosing your kitchen design from the multitude of kitchen decorating ideas that abound can be an incredible experience into the insight of kitchen manufacturers. It is totally amazing exactly how many kitchen designs are sold on the retail market and even more of a surprise which ones are the most popular. Spend an afternoon in one of the many retail outlets that sell kitchens and listen in on the various conversations around you. People home in on the ultra-modern kitchens like flies round a honey pot but, as the conversation progresses, you hear them admit to not being able to live with such a design on a daily basis, eventually plumping for a more modest middle-of-the-road design, or even one of the many rustic designs. Kitchen decorating ideas naturally need to take into account the kind of kitchen furnishings you have installed – you couldn’t imagine a Belfast sink in one of those modern glass and stainless steel kitchens anymore than you could imagine a high-tech sink in a totally rustic setting.

Pick the right kitchen decorating ideas in accordance with your fitments which, when decorating generally, would already have been installed and are generally expensive enough to remain in situ each time you feel the need to re-decorate your kitchen. Another factor that needs to be considered, when thinking through your kitchen decorating ideas, is the size of your kitchen. Size and function do tend to go hand-in-hand. If you have a spacious kitchen you are more likely to use it as a center for the family to congregate than if you your kitchen is one of the tiny, galley styles. Size does need to be taken into account: the kitchen may have the reputation of being the heart of the home but that was generally in the days when kitchens were large enough to accommodate the heart of the home, with a central table for the family to spend time around.

Modern homes are often much too small for kitchens of this size unless, of course, it is a kitchen/diner – in which case, the decor of your kitchen decorating ideas need to take that into account. There is often a lot of actual wasted space in a large kitchen, requiring the person who uses the kitchen on a daily basis to cover a considerable distance between cooker, sink and work surfaces. This is often not particularly conducive to the most efficient use of a person’s time. Reducing this ‘working triangle’, as it is called, is one of the more fundamental aspects of good kitchen planning and something that also needs to be factored into any kitchen decorating ideas. This has led to the innovative kitchen island which sits in the center of the kitchen and often houses the sink, work surfaces and usually the hob.  

Appliances that tend to be used frequently are then free to stand on the surrounding work surfaces, brought onto the central island when they need to be used. Not everybody, however, is blessed with a kitchen large enough to accommodate a kitchen island. In smaller houses the galley kitchen is the norm and, again, the ‘working triangle’ needs to be taken into account when implementing suitable kitchen decorating ideas. In most galley kitchens the hob is along one wall with the sink directly opposite and work surfaces either side of both hob and sink. This means the main working area is the triangle within the center of the kitchen. In Western kitchens, regardless of the level of cooking skills the kitchen user has, each kitchen houses very similar appliances. There are certain items that are found in all kitchens, such as washing machine, fridge, cooker – either fitted or free-standing – sink unit and fitted cupboards with work surfaces built-in.

Most kitchens, regardless of size, find room for a dishwasher, even if it is only a table-top size. Juicers, slow cookers, deep fat fryers and pressure cookers are the norm in most homes – as are food processors, coffee grinders and coffee machines of one sort or another. Breadmakers and microwaves are also common acquisitions. The problem arises in where to house these movable appliances and sufficient cupboard space needs to be given over to store these items. This has led to the majority of Western kitchens now being fully fitted with wall cupboards as well as base units, inevitably reducing the need for too many alterations in the way of kitchen decorating ideas – especially as the gap between the wall units and the base units are usually tiled. This leaves the opportunities for kitchen decorating ideas rather limited unless you are starting from scratch completely. However, for those of you who are putting together a brand new kitchen, you need to be extremely careful about choosing your kitchen decorating ideas as the outcome is likely to remain with you for many years to come.

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