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Makeover magic ? How to remodel your deck or patio in less than a day

Wood decking has long been the premier choice for exterior relaxing or entertaining area but many of us just have a dull concrete pad and can only just yearn for the classic look of a solid wood deck.

But there?s now a solution which provides the luxury look of solid wood deck, can be quickly and easily installed in just a few hours, yet costs only fraction of the cost of a custom made wood deck ? interlocking wood deck tiles.

These tiles are typically manufactured using the same high durability lumber species as traditional decks and can be laid over any solid level surface. The result is a deck surface that has all the appearance and benefits of solid wood deck but can be installed by anyone in just an hour or so, with no building or carpentry experience and needs no nails, screws, adhesives etc. The tiles just click together for a perfect fit, accurate alignment and a secure and stable surface.(see for example

A select range of ceramic interlocking tiles are also now available which gives even more opportunities for attractive deck or patio makeovers. These tiles are designed to interlock precisely to the wood tiles, so for example you could have a central patio area paved in the ceramic tiles where tables and chairs are situated, surrounded by wood tiles. With the addition of some large pots, attractive plants and maybe a favorite piece of sculpture, that dull patio can so easily become a place you can again enjoy for many years to come.

Malcolm Kay is the CEO of Intex Pacific Pty. Ltd. an exporter of landscape materials including modular decking tiles. For further information see

Home Theater

I married a man who inherited his father’s love for home theater. So obviously when we moved in to our own house a home theater is in order. I am lucky I have at my disposal a home theater geek to explain to me what a home theater is, my husband. He is also a certified DIYer so another bonus, savings on installation cost.

We have a 22-square meter room which we converted into our very own custom home theater. The room is not that big so a gigantic screen and humongous speakers are a definite no-no. Actually the number one consideration should be the budget, and usually the smaller the room the smaller the budget you will burn. Our strategy is to design a home theater for the 22 square meter room on a relatively low budget and purchase the equipment one by one. Warning, buying home theater equipment is a very confusing activity. Be wary of sales people, who will bombard you with terms like “FullHD”, “HD capable”, “Blu-Ray”, “1080p”, “720p”, “THX”, etc. Hopefully my experience will help to put some sanity to all this home theater mumbo jumbo.

First on the agenda is the display. We had a great deal on this one, for Php 27,000 we have a 720p HD capable 42″ Plasma TV. So why not the Full HD TV, apparently the human eye cannot distinguish the difference between Full HD and HD capable TVs for 42″ below screen unless you have super vision. And its 27K, it’s a steal.

Next in the agenda are the speakers, amplifier and receiver.  This is the tricky part, usually for custom installation these are purchased separately. In our case due to space and budget limitation we opted for “Home Theater in a Box” or HTIB are basically a packaged home theater system which offers out of the box home cinema experience.
The speakers, amplifier and receiver are bundled into a single package. It also removes the connection guesswork that usually comes with home theater. HTIB uses a single wire called HDMI cable to connect the TVs, DVDs, etc. For our HTIB we chose  6 speakers, 5.1 surround sound and 3 input system. This set us back at around Php 15,000.

The last thing that we bought is a PlayStation 3 or PS3. Why the PS3? It serves us as the DVD player, BluRay player, Music Player and most of all it is also a gaming console making it our main source of family home entertainment. This home theater of ours is easy to set up, just plugged it all in to the HTIB via the HDMI cable, put in the latest DVD and just like that we have  a cinema on our very own home.

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Safe and Homely Care Homes

It sometimes becomes difficult to provide the elders with the care and support they require. And as they enter their golden years, it gets hard for them as well to manage with their daily routines. This is probably the time when they should be offered comprehensive care which can be provided by either the nursing homes or by the care homes. Both the type of homes are intended to provide support for the people who cannot manage on their own, however there be might great difference in the services provided by both of them.

Nursing Homes or Care Homesâ?¦???

In both the cases the elder ones may develop a fear of moving to an entirely new place. This would possibly be due to their grown age and inability to be able to help them, moreover moving to a new place will add to their anxiousness as they may not get the same respect that they used to get in their homes.  However the distinction in the services of the nursing homes and residential care homes is something to be considered if you are looking for a care facility for your loved one.

Size and other Peopleâ?¦ It is always difficult to move at this point of age and moreover with large group of people at the nursing homes. They will no more be independent and talking regarding personal problems and needs to the new people becomes even more difficult. On the other hand, care home give much of a residential feel and may be available in number of sizes. Small homes generally care for at most six people in a point of time which is quite similar to a family environment rather than an institution.

The Type of Careâ?¦ Care practices at nursing homes are quite structured. They focus more on providing facilities to a larger group of people regardless what is more appropriate for the residents. Their tight schedules are primarily to accommodate their staff and services effectively. Whereas care homes dedicate their services and carers for the comprehensive support, their main aim is to offer as much as care and comfortable environment to the residents. They are much safe and secure places.

Accommodation Facilitiesâ?¦ Care homes usually give the sense of more of a home as they may have a living room, bedrooms, kitchen just like a house. With such an infrastructure dealing with the sudden change of environment becomes much easier. Moreover they may also feel like home and do a number of tasks themselves without any help. A nursing home may have a stiff schedule which is thoroughly followed without concerning individual’s routine.

Abuse from the Facilityâ?¦ Often times, the residential care homes have their owner and his staff as the caregivers. This makes easy both the residents and the owner to understand each other’s requirements which can considerably enhance their way of living. However, even if the probability of abuse is higher in a nursing home, yet there are chances in care homes as well. Hence it is ideal to do some personal research before you decide on one.

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Essential Things You Need to Consider When Buying a Garden Office

In today’s world, garden offices have gained much popularity and are in great demand. People purchase garden rooms from different suppliers and manufactures. However, there are certain essential things that a person needs to consider before purchasing a garden office. A person, prior to purchasing garden offices, should ensure that he is getting the best deal. There are ten essential things that should be considered before buying a garden office or garden studio.

Before purchasing a garden office one must be sure of the purpose that it would serve. This will help the person to ascertain whether the requirements of the building can be met by the design. If the building is being purchased to be used as a garden office, sufficient amount of lighting should be provided. If the room is to be used as a gym, then there should be provision for sufficient ventilation. If it is for the purpose of garden a lodge, then there should be provision for proper heating.

The position of one’s garden office is also of utmost importance. One rarely requires planning permission most of the time as long as the garden office is situated at a distance of 5 metres from the person’s home and occupies less than 50% of the garden’s area. Permission is also not required if the garden office or garden studio is built for private use and is about 20 metres away from any public place.

A person while buying a garden office or garden studio should also be careful about the height of the building. However, the height of the modular garden offices should not exceed 4 metres. If the height of the garden office exceeds 4 metres a person will have to seek permission. Permission also has to be taken if the building consists of two or more floors. Permission also has to be taken if the size of the rooms exceeds 30 Sq metres.

Further, a person prior to buying a garden room should be sure of the type of room he requires. A person buying a room for a garden studio should ensure that the room is in accordance to his requirements. The design of the room should also be taken into account.

A person buying a room for the purpose of running a garden office should also check the materials used for both constructing and designing the office. There are numerous suppliers who can provide the best garden offices. For information regarding garden offices and garden studios visit

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Zeolite – Keys To Self Improvement

Anything that places you into a position of advantage – either in the business world or your personal life – may be considered a topic worthy of the self improvement discussion. Many individuals, when looking for a way to improve themselves, turn to a number of different options with differing degrees of effect. While most seek help from a doctor, counselor, or any number of self help programs and books, others prefer a more direct, hands on approach. That’s where the zeolite supplement comes in handy.

Zeolite is a naturally occurring mineral. Containing a wide array of negative ions to counterbalance positive ones that are so prevalent in toxins of the body, this product has been proven to aid in the detoxification of the body, leading to both better body and better brain functions. When you are free from toxins, you can function better at work and at home. But just how do you know where the toxins come from, and what else can you do to rid yourself of them once and for all? Consider the following information:

First of all, toxins come from everywhere. They are in the food you eat and the beverages that you drink, albeit in greater supply than in others. By taking a regular dosage of zeolite based supplements as directed you can head these off as they develop in the body. When you understand how toxins play a role in the development of dangerous illnesses, it becomes clear that if left unchecked, this could quickly become a serious problem. But taking zeolite based supplements alone will not help in the same manner as they would if you engaged in a healthy lifestyle.

If you really want to detoxify your body and live the kind of healthy lifestyle – and look the way – that you have always dreamed of, then you need to make proper diet and exercise a daily routine. What you eat puts toxins into your body, but when you choose a diet that is of high nutritional value, these toxins do not have a chance to take hold. Add zeolite in for good measure, and you are set. In addition to this, exercise helps to relieve stress and release more toxins from the body along with the diet and supplement concoction.

By living a healthier lifestyle and trusting in the minerals that Mother Nature herself gave to you, it’s possible to be your healthiest and to look your youngest whether you’re 30, 90, or somewhere in between. Make sure that you find your zeolite based supplements and try them out today.

Learn more about healthy natural supplements that can help detoxify and cleanse your body. The zeolite zeopure supplement can do that for you!